Hey Hey! Welcome and thanks for reading up on my blogs!

Name:  Stephanie

Born: 1983

Current Location: Baltimore, MD

Profession: I’m a photographer shooting live music, sports action, and lots in between. I’m also a super cool high speed photographer/videographer for a military testing center. Just think of Mythbusters; the high speed video in those episodes is what my group provides. It’s really cool and that’s about all I can say. I’m a mom to 3 yr old Milo; he’s an awesome Orange Tabby.

Enjoys: Photography, Soccer (USA USA!), Football (Go RAVENS!) Indoor rock climbing, softball, working out, skyping with my sister (germany-marie), going on photo treks with coworkers/friends.

Starting Weight/Size: 128-130 lbs. Jeans size is either a 4 or 6, pending on store. I’ve never measured my waist, so long as I can still wear the 4/6 size 🙂

GM and I were very active in soccer and softball throughout middle school and high school. Once graduated, I played goalkeeper at my community college. After my 2 years was up I tried to continue, but didn’t have much luck finding any teams near me. I chose goalie because I hated running when I was younger, and began to really love the position and i was pretty good too! I’m a huge D.C. United fan and I am a member of their official fan club, La Barra Brava. After realizing I probably wouldn’t be able to live my dream and be a pro soccer player, I started playing softball again in a few different leagues. I currently play for 1 league, and I’ve enjoyed every season since I joined the team 4 years ago…minus getting bruised by ground balls every so often.

GM turned me onto indoor rock climbing about 5 years ago. After taking the intro classes and testing for our belay certification, I couldn’t get enough. It’s a great workout that I usually feel the next day whether belaying or bouldering. It’s also a great test of your own strength. Myself, my boyfriend and a few coworkers started taking small road trips to other climbing gyms around our area every so often, and we climb atleast once a week.

When I’m not climbing with friends, I’m sometimes out with my awesome boyfriend and other coworkers on photo treks. We go early in the morning and sometimes don’t get back until noon or later. We’ve gone to abandoned warehouses, and local parks with awesome waterfalls and rivers. Photography for us is something of an oasis; whatever is on our mind gets a backseat while out shooting, letting us relax. It’s fun losing track of time.

As far as fitness goes, I used to not be into it at all. I was a bit overweight in high school, and coming from a mostly Italian family, we love to eat, which got me in trouble. Slowly by kicking my ass into gear, I’ve gotten to where I am now at my happy weight. I was like your average person sitting on the couch watching Biggest Loser and gazing over gorgeous people wishing I had “their body.” Around 2006 was when I started getting into a regimen and really working out. I was doing a bunch of different workouts, and even did P90X with my boyfriend (which I enjoyed).  I have a little home gym setup along with some DVD’s so I never get bored. Sometimes I’ll change it up and go to the gym on post. I use Biggest Loser as a motivator whenever I don’t want to workout. If there’s a day I don’t want to workout when I know I have to I always tell myself I’ll feel shitty if I don’t and better if I do. It usually works.

Since 2006, I’ve participated in a 2 day 30 mile walk for MS in honor of GM and in memory of our mother who also had it. Over those years, GM and I did the first 3 together, and my boyfriend, stepsister, and good friends have continued with me each year. It’s one of the biggest causes I support because it hits close to home, and we love doing it. Sometimes I do 5K runs with my stepsister; I never realized how being fit and working out can give you a better race time!

I’ve been more organically conscious as well. A “green” coworker told me to think of it this way; If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face or body. I now use only organic/fair trade products for hair and skin care, and when I can, I’ll buy organic over supermarket produce. I subscribe to 2 health/fitness magazines, and I keep the workouts, recipes, and tips/tricks in a big binder that I can go back to and look at whenever I want to do or cook something new.

I’m super happy with how I’ve continued to maintain where I am, and I’ve found working out as another way to have “me time.” I love knowing what foods are going into my body for a change instead of just eating. This has become a big part of my life and I really enjoy helping others get healthy and fit, so I hope the blogs I post will help anyone interested.

If you want to check out my photography, here is a link to my Flickr page. Enjoy and happy reading!


Steph is taking a break from blogging as of September, 2014: we’ll let you know when she comes back to writing!


5 responses »

  1. Michelle S. says:

    Welcome to the team Steph!

  2. germanymarie says:

    Great page!! Welcome (again:)! ❤

  3. countrykay says:

    Welcome!! I love the ‘organic’ we have a different way to organic here, we grow it ourselves, kudos to you!! Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Dawn says:

    You are all awesome! I feel even more inspired after reading this! I’ve been using the TRX system and can’t wait to bring it home to torture Steph with!

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