If you find it here that means we tried it, liked it and felt compelled to share it with you. All of the exercises and fitness routines listed below have been beneficial to at least one of us.

This might be a good time to reiterate that none of us are trained or professional fitness trainers, nutritionists or doctors. All of the information shared on these pages and posts is strictly opinion! You may want to consult with your doctor before proceeding with any of the exercises or fitness challenges listed below. Thank you.

This page will be updated as items on our fitness to-do list are moved over, so check back now and then!


100pushupsThis is a 6-week training program to increase upper body and arm strength. GM and Michelle tried this challenge and, while neither followed the routine exactly, both found it helpful in building upper body strength. Both were able to increase the total number of push ups they were able to do. This challenge is not difficult to follow and you should feel free to modify to work for your individual needs. Feel free to forget trying to do 100 push ups in 6 weeks and just concentrate on increasing your total number of push ups!


Couch to 5k is an 8- or 9- week program (depending on whose you follow, they’re pretty much the same!) that brings you from not being a runner at all (or an out-of-practice runner) to being able to easily run a 5k.

It works as an interval program, each week pushing (nay, tricking) you to run just a little bit more than the week before. It builds endurance and strengthens the proper muscles for running, while building your confidence at the same time.

GM and Kamay used this and both commented on how much easier it was than they expected! They can both, currently, run for a minimum of 30 minutes without getting tired.

dc60e75e801476767e408b3aabd35028As part of the ‘does this stuff actually work?’ pinterest series, this was pinned about a year ago. GM took a month to do this while simultaneously working on her C210K challenge, and found that it actually DID cause her to lose weight: 5 lbs in a month. There were also inches in most places lost, which leads us to believe this, although just a ‘random pinterest graphic with NO backup article’, actually does work. If we were to run all year, would we waste away? We’ll have to find that out after the summer is over 😉


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