Hungry? Looking for healthy options or more efficient ways to prepare meals? Tired of asking “what’s for dinner” every single night with no response? We’re here to help. We’ve shared some of our favorite links for food, recipes and the like. Bon Appétit!


Super Cook
Super Cook lets you type in or choose the ingredients you have in your home and gives you recipes based on what you’ve entered, from ‘all ingredients’ to ‘2 or 3 ingredients’. You can also tell the site to exclude recipes containing items like gluten, nuts, dairy, etc. A really helpful site on those days when you can’t get to the grocery store!


Foodgawker is one of my (GM) favorite sites, because of the pictures!! I’m a visual person, and I really need my recipes to have photos! It’s a really, really big site; thankfully there’s a search option in the top corner. Also of interest is the navigation bar located AT THE BOTTOM of the pages, in black: here you choose popular ‘topics’ or ‘categories’, such as ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Vegan’, ‘Gluten Free’, and a personal favorite, ‘No Desserts’. A quick first look at the site will make one well-aware that the majority of the posts are dessert-related. No problem, just choose to disregard them!

My only personal issue with the site is that I can’t choose gluten-, legume- AND dairy-free at the same time, so I have to be sure to check all of the recipes to make sure that there are no legumes or milk products required. I can often substitute things, but it sucks when you want to make something that ends up requiring soy!!!


SparkRecipes is a part of the larger and excellent website, SparkPeople. Sparkpeople the website will be talked about separately on the regular posts pages, but SparkRecipes deserves its own love.

What makes SparkRecipes amazing is that you can not only search recipes and read the user comments on them, but you can also INPUT your own recipes. Entering all of the stuff you use to make something doesn’t seem like anything excellent, until you realize that by entering said recipe, the website will calculate calories, fat content, calcium, etc for you!!! That’s a huge deal for anyone using a food program that requires counting calories or daily intake of iron, all of which this site can help you with. SR is one of my (GM) personal favorites and I highly recommend it.

BABY FOOD LINKS is a resource for recipes with fresh and simple baby food recipes. It is my (MS) go-to website for recipes containing fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, legumes and whole grains that would please any growing baby. That, however, is just a small part of what provides.

There are guides for those looking for meal planning ideas for children of all ages. It breaks meals down by age and offers tips for when to buy certain fruits and vegetables and when to avoid them. You can search by a specific food and given an in-depth explanation of the vitamins and minerals each food item contains. There is even an entire section devoted to food allergies.

This site is fantastic for anyone looking to make their own baby food, but let’s take it a step further. It can also serve as a guide for any adult looking to simplify meals. If you are curious about the contents of broccoli v. asparagus, this website provides a wealth of knowledge. If you are looking to lessen your sugar intake, there are hundreds of recipes available that are not only nutritious, but delicious!


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