On this page, we’ve collected the links that have proven helpful that we use often in our fitness practices. You’ll see websites to help you plan workouts, fitness demonstrations, and help links. Everything you find on this page has been used by one of the FitFreedom writers and was good enough to share!




Used by: GM

Comments: I have been using the Sparkpeople (SP) website for at least 5 years. I love it. It’s a really helpful site where members can track their weight, workouts, calorie and vitamin intake, find virtual workout buddies, and even join the community by becoming members of various offered groups. The SP community is a great one, always motivational and continually helpful. There’s a group for everything; often, more than one! It’s kind of like a MySpace for fitness, minus all of the bands and creepers. I actually made a lot of friends through the site, which also boasts workout plans, or the ability to make your own. The website employs real fitness trainers who give video demos of all available workouts, too, which is helpful when you’re new to the workout routines.

It’s a good site to use in conjunction with any diet plan or book. I used it with Body for Life and the Body Sculpting Bible, it was a great tool to keep track of my calories when I was counting them. These days, I really only track my fitness. Also of interest is the points system that SP employs: you get points for workouts, for posting on boards, for reading articles, etc. I find that points can be motivational, even when nothing else is.

If you’re interested in trying it out, drop us a comment and I’ll send you an invite!



Couch to 5K running program
Links to Alternate Versions on the Web 

Used by: GM, Kamay

Comments: (GM) What I like about the Couch to 5K (C25K) program is that ANYONE can do it. It’s really, really easy and it honestly doesn’t even feel like work. The idea behind the program is that you slowly, over 8 or 9 weeks, build up your endurance to the point where you can run for 30 minutes, most likely completing a 5K (most 5K runners average between 27 and 32 minutes) in the meantime. The creators of the program have devised a schedule that ultimately TRICKS your body into building endurance. You barely notice the change as they move you from week to week, to longer and longer run times!

Also good to note: there are many different smart phone apps available to help you with your program, which tell you when to walk, when to run, when to cool down, etc.


Runner’s World: The Perfect Form

Active dot com: Perfect Your Running Technique (has a link to a helpful video!)

Cool Running: Knee Pain

Runner’s Rescue: Knee Pain


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