Everything collected here on the resources pages has been tried and approved by the writers of FitFreedom. You can rest assured that if it’s in these pages we tried it, liked it and felt it was good enough to share with our readers.

We’ve also compiled a list of resources that have helped any one of us along the way. We all have our own individual struggles and therefore find guidance from difference places, whether it’s proper running technique so our knees don’t ache, parenting, baby food advice, dealing with illnesses. You name it.

We are a new website and therefore don’t get paid to advertise and we certainly haven’t received any free gifts. Everything listed below is something one of us wanted to try, and if it’s here, then it’s good! No, we’re not professionals, but we enjoy trying new things and sharing the love. You’re welcome!

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Body for Life for Women,
Pamela Peeke
On Amazon (hardback)
On the web: (this is really just a landing page to advertise the book, where you can ‘try it free’)

Used by: Germany-Marie

Comments: The book is great, and it really DOES help you to build better self-esteem, work harder and know how to push yourself. The Body-for-Life method is about literally changing how you think (not brainwashing!) about your fitness and health, and also your body image. The program DOES get results, even if you find the idea of making an ‘inspiration circle’ juvenile. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s able to follow a routine and keep at it, since the program does suggest that you get into a routine. I found it tough to use a book at the gym, but after the first few weeks of learning how to do the exercises (instructions are given in the book), you kind of don’t need the book anymore.

In regards to dietary suggestions, this book is less about math and calorie counting and more about what is good for you vs what is bad for you, and creating healthy eating habits. If you want a math equation to follow, this isn’t the book to use.


The Body Sculpting Bible for Women,
James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera
On Amazon

Used by: Germany-Marie

Comments: I used this book the first time I was trying to get back into shape, and it was just what I needed at the time. It discusses eating and fitness psychology, both of which are helpful to fitness and training newcomers. It also helps you plan your meals and gives you some equations for figuring out how much to eat, and when, in order to reach a ‘goal weight’ (if you’ve got one in mind). The math is amazingly simple and I still have it in my head, years later.

Also of interest are the instructions and tutorials in the back of the book for how to use all kinds of fitness equipment, from free weights to the scary machines at the gym that are always covered in sweaty men. The book definitely got me the results I was after, but you HAVE to be dedicated to the program and stick to it! No cheating with this one!!



Women’s Health Magazine

Fitness Magazine

Used by: Steph, GM

Comments: These are by far my (Steph) favorite Women’s fitness magazines, Fitness Magazine a close second. Fitness Mag is very comparable to WH, offering many of the same perks listed below. The websites are just as great as the real magazines. The January ’12 issue (shown above) features World Famous Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller. WH and FM have featured celebrities ranging from Biggest Loser veteran trainer Jillian Michaels, Ana Kournikova, and actresses/artists like Pink, Madonna, Mila Kunis, and Christina Applegate. Each issue is packed full of inspirational stories from readers and editors, beauty advice and top products, weekly meal plans and great tasting recipes (some of which I actually make), and finally a variety of workouts, some better than others. Even if you don’t have a subscription, you are still able to download the workouts you want. All you have to do is type in your email address and done! You might even find some on here 😉

GM says: When I lived back in the states, Women’s Health was my favorite fitness magazine. Germany has only recently started to sell the Women’s magazine here, although the Men’s Health magazine is popular enough. I really love all of the workouts and articles the magazine provided, along with the recipes and motivational stories! I also really appreciated the usability of both magazines’ websites.



the Training Fan, Benefit Health Media
On Amazon

Used by: GM

Comments: A friend got me this for my birthday a few years ago, and I LOVE IT. It’s great for when you go to the gym or for at-home workouts. It starts with maps of the body and labels the muscle groups, different styles of warm-ups, and then moves to different basic workout routines that can be followed. Every page after is a different workout, separated into muscle groups, and ranging from no equipment necessary to full gym equipment necessary. Each page gives notes on HOW to do the workout with pictures, tips and lists the benefits of each exercise, along with a note about which muscles are worked.

Also in this series: the Yoga Fan, the Golf Fan, the Prenatal Fan, etc.


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