I’ve been off the (meat) sauce for a year now.

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I want to write about what happened to me, or what I did, on January 1st. As most of my readers and friends will know, I went vegetarian/’pescetarian once a week’ last year. I wanted to see if I could do it, if I could handle it, and…

Finally back to Budo!

how I like to remember/imagine myself.

how I like to remember/imagine myself.

Now that the summer is over and we’ve officially turned the heat on in our home, I’ve decided to take the plunge and try to get back to Budo.

I haven’t really been able to train since I got sick at the end of 2013 when I was off my meds, just before I moved to Japan. Since then I’ve been working on rebuilding my strength and balance, so that I can train. There’s still a lot I can’t do, like rolling, but I can do enough to stand in kamae and not fall over at the moment, and that’s a good start.

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the ‘I’m feeling fat’ conundrum

img_5471-1I wanted to share this story to call myself out on something, but also to illustrate how completely insane our own minds can be.

As some of our readers might know, I have lost a lot of weight in the past few years. When I weighed 150 lbs, I had some fabulous, amazing and fashionable clothes. When I lost the weight, I didn’t get rid of them, because you never know what might happen. Gaining weight and having nothing to wear, and needing to go shopping again, can be a huge hassle.

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holding myself accountable


Here I am, trying to make good on what I said I would do, and what my Orthopedist recently told me I MUST do.

Even though at the moment, I am sitting at my office blogging, rather than walking, like I should be. But I did walk a lot on my other breaks today and will walk a LOT in about 90 minutes. So I think it will all equal out in the end.

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I think my bcps are giving me anxiety. I thought I was having a mid-life crisis.

I’ve actually been wanting to write about what’s been going on for a while, but I wasn’t really sure how to talk about it, or what to do about it, really. So I’m going to try my best to explain what the hell has been going on.

For the past year or so, at least since around November last year, I’ve been having some serious anxiety issues. It’s not social anxiety, but more like constant thoughts about death, what happens afterward, is there an afterlife, this can’t be all there is, and all of the ways that Mark and I might die while we were on vacation.

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a week later, I find out that I have to cut back on my work hours

Sorry this got posted late, I forgot to load an image for it!

Clearly, I was having more than just ‘feelings’.

So a week after I wrote about wanting to cut back on work and how important work-life balance is, my orthopedist told me that I can’t work as much as I usually do.

He didn’t say that directly, but that’s what it amounts to.

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Fruit Fasting after 2 days of non-stop junk food ingestion

img_9246I went a little heavy on the junk food after we got back from the states, and again while we were in the UK. I guess by ‘junk food’, I mean ‘cheese’ last week, even though it was Doritos and Cheez-Its in the US. They are my kryptonite: if I start eating them, it’s really, really hard to stop.

But I love them. And they are some of the things I miss most about living in the US.

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…but seriously, work-life balance is so important.

Hello dear readers,

I know I’ve been off the fitness-blogging grid for a while. As many of you may know, I don’t do much in the way of fitness from June – August, as it’s just too hot for me to do much of anything here in Tokyo. It’s all just yoga and crunches and stretching, when I can drag myself out of bed.

That being said, my neurologist seems to think my body likes the Japanese summer, thanks to my blood test results, which he reads every 3 months. He’s convinced that even though I personally HATE summer in Japan, my body is ok with it. I don’t know how to feel about that.

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Summer workout playlist for you!


Just in time for summer, here is a new playlist on Spotify for you! Not the fastest playlist I’ve ever given you, but this one is at least organized well and easy to listen to. Happy listening and please enjoy it:)

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New Summer AM Workout

Congratulations, Steph!!

Congratulations, Steph!!

I’ve been gone for a hot minute. I had some stuff to do, like get this wonderful, beautiful woman married! Maybe I’ll post more photos later, once all of them have come from the photographers. For now, this awesome one shot by my fiancé of my father and I walking her down the aisle, which was a huge honour:)

I brought all of my running stuff to try to run while we were there, since the hotel we stayed in had a fitness center. But I had such terrible jet lag, I could barely drag myself out of bed in time to do anything, let alone earlier to try to run. So I’ve been off fitness for like 2 or 3 weeks.

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