As time goes by, our bodies change…

March 2013:

baby #2 on the way!

baby #2 on the way!

Well, baby #2 is officially due July 3rd! Needless to say, I haven’t done much in the way of active fitness, but I do walk when I can (it’s still pretty cold out … cannot wait until spring weather finally arrives) and I have a yoga DVD that I absolutely love.

This pregnancy has not been without its ups and downs. We didn’t know if this baby was even healthy until about 5 months in, which was horribly stressful and took its toll on my husband and I emotionally.

One thing I’ve learned about the 2nd baby is that your body certainly remembers what it was like to grow because I looked 4 months pregnant at just 12 weeks this time! Hopefully I won’t end up with a 12 lb baby … oh, and this one is a girl! πŸ™‚

We are so excited and looking forward to adding to our family and watching our son, who is now 2 year old, become a big “brudder” (as he likes to say). I can’t wait to witness the bonding between them.

Fitness/health-wise, thanks to this blog and the healthy habits I picked up, I began this pregnancy 10 lbs lighter than my first pregnancy, which has been a lot easier on my joints and my hips. I can’t say that I’ve eaten so great. I’ve craved lots of carbs and definitely sweets this time around, but I know once this baby is born I’ll get back to my healthy ways because I’ll be pureeing her food just like I did my son’s and encouraging good healthy eating in the house. I’ll also be breastfeeding if that’s in the cards for me so I’ll want to maintain a healthy diet.

I have taken to smoothies this time around. Some staples that I always include: wheat germ, greek yogurt and spinach. I mix up different fruits but those are my go-to for good healthy nutrients. Sometimes I’ll add a little quinoa to spruce it up a bit!

Stay tuned for more on the journey of baby #2!


Michelle S.


August 2012:

family vacation 2012

This is a long overdue update. I’ve never felt so good! In March, I was probably at my lowest weight since college (I graduated in 2003). I’ve maintained that weight ever since. I currently weigh 116-118. I fluctuate about 2 lbs depending on the day, and what I eat/drink. My arms are much more defined. I attribute most of that to my time as a SAHM when I was lifting my 25+ lb squirmy monster of a child and carrying him up the stairs numerous times throughout the day. I went from barely being able to do 2 push ups to being able to do 10 with no problem.

I walk almost every day. Now that I’m working, I sit in a chair a lot more often than I’d like to so I have to remind myself to take breaks, but the daily walking is key. We walk about 2 miles and my son really enjoys it, too. It’s our pre-bedtime routine! I’m contemplating joining a gym that offers kickboxing and yoga classes. I enjoy the relaxation of yoga, but I think I’d like to kick it up a notch (literally).

I wore a bikini during our family vacation and I felt more comfortable in my own skin than I have in years. AND, I was bloated from PMSing (this is an unfortunate and inevitable issue for women). I actually could have gone down a size in my bathing suit!

My waist is 26 inches and I’m currently wearing a size 0-2, depending on the brand. I had the hardest time finding professional pants, but The Limited saved me after months of searching. Remember, I have a small frame. It’s very easy for someone my size to gain weight and have it be noticeable. I’m not trying to look thin. I’m trying to stay strong and healthy! πŸ™‚


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