Team-SWell, hello! Welcome to my world. Please allow me to introduce myself…

Name: Michelle S.

Born: 1981

Current Location: Alexandria suburbs, VA

Profession: this one’s always a hard one. When we started this blog, I was a professional Mom. My client, a devilishly handsome toddler named Gavin. When he was 16 months old, he started daycare and I went back to work as a marketing and fundraising professional. I help various progressive non-profit organizations raise money to support missions I truly believe in. It’s a win-win! I suppose you could call me a bleeding heart liberal. I stand for equality and support a woman’s right to make decisions about her body. I look forward to a time when we (all of humankind) no longer have to fight for equal rights. I know, I know … but a girl can dream.

Enjoys: spending time with family and friends, music, reading, writing, crafts/art (though I am no artist), hiking, walking, just being outside in nature. I truly enjoyed my work before I became a SAHM. I’ve always said that I wanted to work for a cause and giving back to the world in one way or another brings joy to my life. I’ve become even more of a sap since childbirth. Queue the St. Jude’s commercial…

I love yoga and find it to be an extremely relaxing work out — yes, you can relax while working out!

Body Type: Athletic with a small frame. I’m 5’2″ with curvy hips. Similar to GM, a round butt and curvy hips run in my family. I have always carried more weight in my thighs and now, after giving birth, I carry extra skin on my belly. If I gain 5 lbs, it is quite noticeable. That’s the downfall of being small. It’s important to know your body type and love it because that is something you can’t really change. I used to look at Victoria’s Secret models and feel like I would never measure up. Now, I look to women with similar body types to mine to see how they dress and how they carry themselves. I’m proud of my curves! Thank you to Beyoncé, J.Lo and Kate Winslet (to name a few) for setting healthy examples for the rest of us!

The biggest shift for me came after my son was born with the realization that I do not necessarily need to lose weight to be thin. I want to get in shape and feel stronger in my body. The weight will come off on its own with the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

To hear more about my experiences raising a child where I discuss my truth in parenting (the good, the bag and the ugly), read my personal blog: Life with Gavin.


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