January 2012

Starting weight/size:  198 lbs – 5’3″ measureing 46/40/45; wearing size 18 pants and 2XL shirts.

Motherhood has taken a toll on my body but really it started long before this with terrible eating habits and lack of excercise. After getting my career desk job and going from waiting tables sometimes 10-12hrs a say to sitting behind a desk for 8 hours… what can I say I grew in a not so pleasant way.  After marrying and have 3 kid of my own my body was beyond anything I could imagine getting back to.

While last summer trying to teach my son to ride a 2-wheel bicycle I realized I couldn’t keep up with him running back and forth up and down the drive-way. I was ashamed, I wasn’t even a smoker and I couldnt keep up with him enough to help him learn to ride…I kept asking myself, “what kind of parent becomes that lazy??”  (If you haven’t noted before now, I am completely my own worst critic 100% of the time)  This along with deciding to take my body back after numerous miscarriages and pragnancies and months and months of breastfeeding I took the plunge!!

It took me 7 months to lose 40 lbs and almost 10 inches from my body.  I have never felt more amazing however, I still have a ways to go in life… I still have 2 little boys who haven’t learned to ride a bike yet… there’s so much ahead of me.  There’s lots of crafts & scrapbooking to conquer and catch-up on and lots of hats & scarves I haven’t seen or worn yet 😉


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