August 2012
158 lbs – 35/33/35 – pants size 10-12 & XL shirts

Well… it’s been 8 month since I started this hardcore with the C25K, Body Rock and various other things. I had a GREAT vacation with my family and felt less self-conscious about my appearance in family pictures, which was a goal & COMPLETELY AWESOME.  I also had to buy & get rid of a lot of clothes as I lost about 8 pants sizes. YAY!

I’ve definitely had my ups and downs since returning from vacation… spider bites, poison ivy, losing my dog, school, canning, harvest just everything seems to happen all at once or not at all… I have been trying not to completely fall off the wagon. However, it’s been hard & I’ve been struggling.  I have managed to ‘maintain’ very close (within 5 lbs) of the weight I was before going on vacation with my everyday movements and playing with the kids. I do still try to run every other day and keep up with life itself here. I cannot wait till fall gets here, the mornings are so cool now it feels great… lots less bugs to fight off 🙂 & I have a new running partner his name is Patches he’s only about 7 weeks old & often time runs under my feet but he’s learning & I love that he stays close to me.  I have also noticed that since I’ve been struggling my husband has been picking up momentum and he’s lost about 20 lbs. It’s great to see that my push has helped motivate him.
‘Onward & Upward’ is what I say SO! Onto new things to start the fall indoor & some out-door routines. Looking forward to it!


December 2012

Just a picture to show you how far I came this year!!  Just a reminder that you can do anything is choose to set your mind to it.
1 year!

DSC_8185March 2013
168 lbs – 38/35/40 – size 10-12 pants & XL shirts

Well, to say the holidays were not kind to me was surely true. It seems Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together and through the winter seem to pack on the pounds for me… UGH!! So 10 lbs and few inches, chalk it up to the winter blues or I always say ‘winter weight’ – I pack on a few pounds to keep me warm through these rotten mid-west cold, snowy winters :/  When you can’t find happiness in the sun it seems we always look for it in the kitchen cabinets. Duly noted for this winter approaching in 2013 – No looking in the kitchen cabinets for happiness LOL!!

I am doing the interval treadmill work-out and working on the March 30-day challenge with GM as well as saying no to caffeine for 30 days. I am doing pretty good & excited with the way I feel, completely rejunvinated. I’m looking forward to summer and getting back to gardening & planting, just warmer weather!! Between the cold, sickness & fever blisters, I’m Really! over winter, even though winter has been a lot of fun with sledding & cuddling.

Goals: Working towards looking good in a summer dress as I have 3 weddings to attend this summer, 1st one being August 3rd & learn to ride a motorcycle!


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