My Brood

Name:  Kamay

Born: 1981

Current Location: Deep Farm Country of the Mid-West

Profession: HA! That’s a good one, I’m a Mom, Wife & Business Owner, ‘what don’t I do’ is probably easier to detail.

Enjoys:  Spending time with my family on our farm, photography, crafts & art of any kind, I often dabble in gardening as well as cooking & baking.

Imagine seeing corn & soybean fields as far as the eye can see, the horizon peppered with the occasional barn or silo. The most traffic is behind a tractor or cow & your closest neighbor is at the very least a mile away & is most likely related to you in some way or another.  This is where I call home, where the proverbial black top ends.  We are God-fearing, gun-toting American farmers. We live off the land & the land takes good care of us.

I would say after my 6th pregnancy & baby number 3 was born, my husband and I made the decision that if we were to have any more children, it will be through adoption. I took one of those long looks in the full-length mirror, which I’ve been steering clear of for the last 5 years of having babies. It was time for a change; my body was starting to look more like a road map rather than skin.  I had always been very aware of health, food and fitness & I was very slender until I moved out on my own and got a ‘desk’ job in my career field & for whatever reason sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day tends to make a person lazy.

Now at 30 I’m happily married to a farmer! We have 3 wonderful, corn-fed, farm-bred boys. Our oldest if 6 and he’s the big helper, who’s always been an over-achiever in every way. The middle is almost 3 and he’s what I would call ‘hell on wheels’, he is VERY, VERY busy 100% of the time. Which has deemed him the nick name Taz. The baby is almost 2 and he is a perfect mix of his older brothers. While being an over achiever, he can be extremely busy.   The youngest are so close in age that they are sometimes like twins. If one doesn’t think of it, it’s only a matter of time before the other does.  Life can be interesting some days.

Aside from that my husband works with the neighbor as a full-time farmer and we farm the ground on which we live as well as several other farms. I usually take care of all the paperwork that goes along with the farm.  Mostly, I’m a stay-at-home Mom and do the ‘typical’ Mom duties of house work, laundry, etc. However, about 5 years ago I started a home-based photography business that is starting to really take off. I am also involved in school activities with my oldest son, as well as my baby sister who is a big part of our life. I also do community work with affiliation to the church, library, scouts & the volunteer fireman as my husband has been on the department for over 20 years.

So after all of that, where is there time for fitness or eating healthy?? As it seems I’m always on the road and always moving. It’s hard, I have to admit, but I’m hoping to encourage you and motivate myself with this blog.

My goals in life are many, but mostly to be a good wife/ mother, and raise my kids without any major set-backs, while trying not to lose the character of my own persona. Teach them to live healthy, be fit aware.

As my best of friend coined I am “a scarf wearing, hat sporting, smiling nut in Hello Kitty Crocs”. I’m giving it all, all of the time to keep my household of 5 happy while trying not to lose myself to a title of simply the ‘Mom’, or simply the ‘maid’, or the ‘wife’ & with that comes my desire to eat better and keep myself fit, even if that means getting up before the sun and carrying a gun to ward of wild animals just to take a walk (true story!). 


*Starting out on the East Coast and moving to Mid-West was not something I had ever planned.  When I was 21 I decided to meet my Birth-Mom for the very 1st time and with that met some family friends and soon met my husband. Yes, I’m adopted & I’m proud of it. After meeting my Birth-Mom and my siblings, I went  to the West-Coast and met my Birth-Father and more siblings. So, I’m now the oldest of 9, despite growing up an only child. It has not been an easy road, sometimes the truth is hurtful but owning it and accepting it as your destiny can be life changing. I wrote my story, it was recently bought & published in the January 22, 2012 edition of the Pentecostal Evangel, which is a magazine affiliated with the agency in which I was born and adopted through.  I have come so far and learned so much that I can only go up from here!


*I have always been an artist. GM and I spent hours in the art room together back in the day, her, WAY more than I but art none the less.  While GM does a lot of freelance, I do a lot of ‘subject’ photography i.e. family, baby, wedding, sports, etc.. I enjoy my work, it’s more of a hobby than anything to me. I love being artistic with my photographs as well as, I paint, scrapbook and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to make home-made cards… when I have time. With that, I’d like to share my business, K’s Kreations & Photography(on facebook) with you.


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