Rebecca Adolf

Born: 1981

Current Location: Round Lake, IL

Profession: Part artist, part tech geek, I am the Senior Designer for Creative Services Group at Impact Networking and Creator of the Young Designer’s Guide. I am a unique breed of what I refer to as a “Practical Artist”, which stems from my mother who is a puppeteer ( and my father who is a lawyer; a mix of creative and business DNA. So my office is filled with crazy knickknacks, but neatly and strategically placed, which I fondly refer to as “organized creativity”. The best part about my work is creating and building. Especially when I create something my client loves!

Enjoys: I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, oil painting subject matter that personally interests me, cooking new recipes and exploring the world of food. I am very close to my family. We go to White Sox and Blackhawk games every year and love to visit my sister in Boston. I am a strong believer in “working to live” and getting massages as often as possible.

I see weaknesses as challenges. In high school, I was on the soccer team sophomore year; I will admit, I was the weakest player. After the season I attended the summer soccer camp and in my spare time I would run around a track with a soccer ball. Next year while at tryouts my old coach yelled out to me, “Rebecca, what happened?” and I responded, “What?” The coach then replied, “You turned around 110%.” That year I became a starter, and the following a Team Captain. I was also awarded MIP (Most Improved Player) on Varsity Drill Team. When I started my career, my writing was very weak. Recently, a friend of mine who proofs my articles complimented me that I have greatly improved.

Health: I was one of those super lucky, super skinny girls growing up. I had a growth spurt in high school, was very active in sports (soccer) and life. Ate like a cow.  My one friend commented that I was a “twig with boobs.” My personal challenges have changed over the years from people questioning whether I was anorexic (I assure you: 100% NOT the case) to aging and a big change in lifestyle, which is slowing down my metabolism. I am now at a healthy weight, but I gain weight much quicker and have to diet to maintain it. This has not been easy for me.

I am thankful my family is super healthy in general, so I have always worked out, and I love weights! Thanks to logging my food when dieting, I have learned a lot and eat healthier… but food, especially loving to cook, is my weakness. I struggle with my new body, lifestyle and keeping it up. Thank you to the girls at Fit Freedom, they help to keep me inspired and positive.


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