As a kid, I skateboarded a lot and rode my 10 speed bicycle everywhere. My thighs and calves became big. In high school, I lifted weights often and ran track. In college I was the second fastest swimmer in my swimming class.

During college, I enlisted into the US Marine Corps Reserves for six years. My first six months were active duty for basic and advanced training. We ran a lot. I stepped up my weight training on my own time. I got up to benching 250lbs and dead lifting over 300lbs a while back. I could run three miles in 20 minutes.

During my Marine reserve time, I went into the state police academy. Over those 6 months of training we ran constantly and were tested for time during 5 mile runs. The academy also included swimming and circuit weight training. I was the fastest swimmer and I got in such good shape, that I only used my hands during high rope climb in the gym. I never could climb rope prior to that.

As the years have passed, I’ve done various occupations including police work, homeland security and much more. All of my jobs had kept me in fairly good shape. However, except for the last four years, my work outs have dropped off almost completely at times.

I’ve had many workout partners over the years. We would have a good thing going for a couple of years, and then one of our schedules (usually theirs) would change. Some of my buddies would just stop training altogether once their hours changed. Those days of dead lifts have passed. Fit Freedom is now my new workout partner.

As of late, I run sprints/race with my 13-year-old nephew occasionally. I train in martial arts about twice a week and use dumbbells at home. I weigh about 190lbs.

Over twelve years ago, I went back to school and became an Acupressure Shiatsu and Qigong practitioner.  I have done much with Qigong (similar to Tai Chi). It has really helped me with staying well. It has been a great healing art that I have shared with so many people. I currently perform Shiatsu and Qigong therapy part-time.  I work in hospitals and wellness centers. I highly recommend Chinese Medicine. Currently I’m on the board of directors of a foundation that helps cancer patients.

Fit Freedom is going to keep me going. Now I have a regular partner via Fit Freedom.

I’ve lost about 40lbs in 4 years. I tribute that to jissen kobudo, eating smaller portions (not American-sized) and working outdoors during the summer for the Maryland Park Service CJC At-Risk Youth Mentoring Program.


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