Kimberly Img: West on Jade Photography

Img: West on Jade Photography

I’m Kimberly, and I’m a reformed couch potato.

Even though I loved getting outside on my bike growing up, I never liked “working out” until after I had kids. Determined to get my post-baby body in shape, I tried a Zumba® Fitness class, and my life has never been the same!

I love fitness now, in all its forms. I like to hike, bike, skate—I’m an aspiring roller derby girl—and pretty much anything else that gets me moving, especially outside. I have finished one Tough Mudder race and plan to run another next year. And oh yeah, I teach Zumba Fitness classes, now. How’s that for a girl who never liked to work out.

Besides all that, I am in marketing. I work with a company that uses whole body vibration technology to help people get healthy. I love doing their social media and content because I get to use a lot of the knowledge I’ve gained as a certified fitness instructor.

It’s my goal to do everything I do—writing, blogging, talking, “mom”ing—in the light of helping people get healthier. You can follow my fitness blog at


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  1. germanymarie says:

    Kimberley, is the company you work for involved with EMS? I tried one of those classes earlier this year!

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