bethany<——- This is me, Bethany Jo Lee, with my 3-legged dog Belle. I have three other dogs as well, all of them rescued from various shelters as adults. I am a big advocate of dog adoption, as you can see.  But I’m a lover of all kinds of dogs, whether adopted or pedigreed.

I am a 37 year old technical communicator, living and working in Ohio, in the US of A where the winters are typically (brrrr) very chilly, and the summers are sunny and hot. I would prefer a more consistently warm climate, but Ohio is my home. Go Buckeyes! (Really, I’m not a Buckeye fan, I’m just saying. . .)

Relationship Status: I am happily married to my sweetheart, Brad. We just got married in December 2011, so we are still in honeymoon stage. Hopefully that lasts forever. I like and love him because for some reason he likes and loves me and that’s a big plus. Haha! But I also like and love him because he’s kind and gentle, compassionate and caring, he loves my dogs and dogs in general, he’s really funny and has a strong scatological sense of humor that craps me up (oops, did I say crap?) and he also happens to be very handsome. That’s a plus too!

Writing:  I have been a writer since I was 7 years old, when I wrote my first poem for my mom for mother’s day. I guess that means I’ve been at it for 3 decades, jeesh! I write all kinds of stuff, from manuals and marketing material for my day job, to poems, stories and blog posts for fun. Some day I’d like to do more of the fun stuff, but for now . . .


Finishing the bike portion of a triathlon two years ago: I love participating in triathlons

Health and Fitness:  I love to stay healthy and fit, and that is a big theme in my writing. I ran my first half marathon last year, and my first triathlon a year before that. I hope to get my personal fitness training certificate . . . this year, and I hope to run my first full marathon . . .this year also.

For a healthy body, I like to learn and read all kinds of things. Two weeks ago (as of mid-March) Brad and I started a vegetarian diet. Well, I started a vegetarian diet and he started a pescatarian (which means he will still eat fish). Right now, I have also been reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine–you might hear more about that if you tune in to my blog:

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