25 August 2012:
Welcome to my updates page! This will be a long update, since it’s the first one!

In the past 8 months, a LOT has happened! I tried the Couch to 5k Program, Bodyrock, the Hundred Pushups challenge and a few different Pinterest workouts and had a TON of success! I personally saw the most progress with C25k and Bodyrock, and I intend to keep going in that direction as the year continues!

I went to Japan, traveled around Europe, saw a bunch of Claes and Coosje sculptures, and got sterilized. The summer fatigue proved to be hard on me (hence having the operation in the summer, since I knew it would be) and I haven’t been able to work out for about 2 months, thanks to the heat and lack of AC here in Germany. I’m itching to get back to it and know it’s going to happen in the next few weeks, now that the stitches are out and the weather is cooling down. It’s always August that kills me.

I fell off the wagon on a few fronts in the past few months, thanks to the recovery and not being able to do as much as I’d like, and also due to some personal stress: I ate a lot of junk food, didn’t eat enough (healthy food or otherwise), and picked up smoking again for a few weeks. I’ve also been biting my nails for at LEAST the past year. On top of that, I’ve eaten WAY too much gluten and dairy, due to being lazy and not preparing my food before going to work. I’m currently working on NOT doing any of these things again: it is detrimental to my health!!!

3 October 2014
Well, SOMEONE fell off the horse with the updates, sorry about that. I left Germany in 2013, traveled around Europe and the states, and then settled into a new life in Tokyo, Japan in January ’14! So now I’m even farther away than I was before, and have some new challenges to deal with.

I was pretty ill? sick? MS-ey? Yeah, I was pretty MS-ey for the better part of late 2013 and wasn’t able to do much, and almost totally failed at my Japan budo seminar this past April. So I really want to get back to being in the shape that I WAS in (not high school shape, but 2012 shape?), or something closer to it than I’m at now.

The things I’ll be working on in the coming months (thank goodness it’s fall and I can actually DO things) are:
~ getting back into some kind of shape: back to Budo and back to running (hopefully), and yoga.
~ finding the free fitness in Tokyo! I can’t speak the language yet, but there’s a lot to do here if you know where to look.
~ learning Japanese, of course, but that might not be on the blog as much as the other two are.

My eating is great because I’m in Japan, but I want to get into the habit of cooking more than I currently do. My new schedule at work will allow for that, thank goodness!

Current measurements:
31″ bust – 23″ waist – 34″ hips

So I also kind of want to get my figure back, as well. I promise to update more!


11 March 2016
This ‘every 2 years thing is turning into a pattern. I’ve been posting on the site a lot lately, but haven’t said much about what’s going on in my personal life.

11193228_707119779940_2414374376559054136_nI’m still living in Tokyo, and am definitely back to ‘normal’ these days, and now all that’s left is for me to get my strength back. It appears my balance has been doing better, thanks to yoga at home 3 times a week. I’m definitely feeling stronger than before, but now 50 crunches makes me sore the next day! So that’s a new goal of mine for this year.

I still haven’t gone back to Budo and have been thinking a lot about it. I might be able to get back to it this year, and this will be my time to decide if it’s something I want to continue. But I have managed to travel a lot since my last post: we’ve been to Australia, Thailand, and the UK. We’ll go to Oita at the end of the month!

I went (mostly) vegetarian this year, with an allowance for fish once a week, if I NEED it, or if it’s the only options (because this is Japan, and you have to work really hard to escape all the meat). So I guess I’m pescetarian-ish.

My schedule at work is busy, and I don’t have a lot of free time, but I’ve managed to utilize the time I have in the mornings for running or yoga. I’m hoping to make some changes to my work-life balance this year in order to be able to do more. Just in time for the warmer weather, which will see me maybe trying out my first Japanese gym membership: a new one opened up just down the street from us!

Oh, and my Japanese is still pretty basic. I’m hoping to remedy that this year.

Current measurements:
32″ bust – 24″ waist – 37″ hips // 51kg – 112lbs
(so it appears I got my figure back!)


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