O, hai! Thanks for dropping by:) Here’s some pertinent info about me:

Name: Germany-Marie
Born: 1981
Current location: Germany
Profession: Language Trainer (that’s fancy talk for English teacher), concentrations in Business, medical and legal English.

Enjoys: Reading, teaching, yoga, running, kobudo (an old Japanese martial art), rock climbing, music, art.

I actually went to school for art. I’m a professional Graphic Designer and Photographer, but I kind of suck at working for other people, so I do a lot of freelance and sell a lot of photos without a boss. I like it that way:)

Body Type: Athletic and short (I’m 5’3″). I blame my Italian heritage.

I took this photo!

BUT!!! I am really, really thankful to have the ass and hips that I have. I’m not going to lie. Call me cocky if you want, but it took me YEARS to stop idolizing people like Twiggy (and wishing impossible things) and to start appreciating what I have. I attribute that partially to my mother, who taught me to be thankful for what I’ve got and not care about what anyone else says/thinks, and partially to musicians like J. Lo, BeyoncĂ© and Amerie. Thank goodness for healthy thighs and dancing.

You can follow my personal blog HERE!
You can see my photo work HERE!
You can see my writing for the Young Designer’s Guide HERE!
I’m also on LinkedIn (hey, I’ve got to keep the options open)…


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