Welcome to our fitness to-do list.

There are probably millions of fitness routines and challenges out there that any of us would like to try. It’s a little overwhelming to keep it all organized. We like to keep track of the fitness routines and programs we want to try, but haven’t gotten to … yet!

As we attempt new fitness routines and programs, we’ll write about them and keep you updated on our progress. Should the programs feel successful, they’ll be added to our fitness links page! If you’re interested in them, make sure to check back as we add our new favorites.

** Is there a program that you’re interested in, but haven’t gotten to try yet? Want a training partner? **

Leave us a comment or email us at fitfreedom.blog@gmail.com with a link to the program and your thoughts.  We’ll let you know when one of us starts to try it out!




30 Minutes to a Sleeker Physique, c/o iVillage
30 minutes? This looks to be the LONGEST workout on the to-do list so far, but we don’t mind! We’re really interested in workouts that require nothing but your bodyweight as resistance (we are, after all, FitFreedom), and that’s just what this workout promises: ‘A no-equipment workout that you can do anywhere’. Yes, please!


Insanity is promoted by Beachbody.com, which also promotes P90X. Insanity is a 60 day program but unlike P90X, the only equipment you need is your own body. No pullup bars, resistance bands, or weights. A Yoga mat is optional. Trainer Shaun T guides you through 10 hardcore DVDs of high intensity cardio/plyometrics intervals along with intervals of ab/core, strength, and resistance. A nutrition plan is also included. You need more motivation and will power to get through this program. **I did 1 DVD with my boyfriend, and was out of breath after just 10 minutes feeling incredibly out of shape. Even the “fit” people in the DVDs were taking breaks! I’m definitely going to do the whole program once I move out of my 2nd floor condo; there’s a good bit of jumping involved.  Watch this sample Insanity video  **Steph


Various workouts, found on Pinterest
Fit Freedom’s “Workouts We Will Try” board on Pinterest

For those of you on Pinterest, we’ve got a whole board dedicated to workouts that look interesting that we’re planning to try.

Pinterest is full of random workouts, meal plans and motivational items that we often wonder about. We’re making it a point to go through these, one by one, to see if they work or are just a pretty interesting picture.


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  1. mindofryan says:

    Starting insanity next week! it’ll be tough, but if it was easy everyone would do it!

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