We’ve created Fit Freedom to have a space to share and discuss the different things we’re doing, trying and dealing with on our road to a healthier and fitter life.

The idea for the site came around when we were talking on our Facebook group page about how many free options for fitness there are out there. Then, we started talking about how awesome it would be to catalog all of those, and keep them in one place for others to access. From there, we started talking about other kinds of free things, and freedoms (both personal and societal), and realized that we had to make a website with all of this info and knowledge that we were just sharing between ourselves.

We’re friends from high school, now in our late 20’s/early 30′s, whose lives have taken very different paths. We’re scattered across the globe each with our own unique set of challenges. We thought it would be interesting to keep all the things we do collected on one site, and maybe help or inspire some nice strangers along the way.

You can get to know about each of us individually in the menu above, just choose a name! As the site progresses we’ll be writing posts and discussing hurdles and triumphs. We hope that we can spread the motivation (when we even have it) and the fitness!

If there’s something you, as a reader, have thought of trying but are not sure about, please feel free to message us at fitfreedom.blog@gmail.com or comment on a post with a suggestion! You can be certain that at least one of us will be willing to try it. We are always looking for Guest Bloggers!

Happy reading!

—Germany-Marie, Kamay, Michelle S. & Steph


2 responses »

  1. fitlitgirl says:

    Wow! Great idea for a blog. Love the friendship and support for healthy living!

  2. Season V says:

    This is a great idea guys! Love it!

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