While we were on vacation with my in-laws last month, we walked. A LOT. We went everywhere, we did everything, and we ate ALL THE FOOD. That’s what vacation’s for, right?

So during that time, my sister-in-law was using a steps tracker to see how far we’d walked. It wasn’t anything much, just a little app that’s free on the Apple Store, but it worked really well.

There was one day when she tracked us at over 26,000 steps. That was our high point. This led us to talk about the daily recommended 10,000 steps per day, and whether that was easy or hard to reach. In my mind, I thought it was easy, since my doctor recently told me that I have to get up and walk every 90 minutes. I should be getting 10,000 in, right?

Well, after they went back home, I asked for the name of the app (it’s called Health Mate, by Withings) and downloaded it. And after a very creepy setup where the app somehow KNEW how many steps I’d done the previous week (to be fair, we took a lot of photos, so I guess they were all tagged with locations), I was up and running. And then I did my first day back to work. Just over 6,000 steps. SHIT.

The app has forced me to get up and walk MORE, even if it’s just in circles in my office because I don’t want to leave the AC, or don’t have enough time to get outside. Although I much prefer outside to circles in my office.

The app will count your steps, as long as you have your phone. It runs in the background and so far, it hasn’t been a huge drain on my battery life.

Linked to this app and also available for download is the companion, My Fitness Pal. Since I definitely gained a bit of weight after eating so well and drinking every night for two straight weeks, it was time to go back to paying attention to what I ate. I shit you not, the first week back to ‘real food’ was basically soft tofu and lettuce/tomato salads. Oh, and soy yogurt. It was that bad (but really, the food was THAT GOOD).

This app lets you scan bar codes of things and then determine how much you’ve eaten. And it works with the steps tracker to include added calories you have to eat, since you’re working out and burning them.

The two of them work together seamlessly. I’m not trying to lose weight with them, although it is something you can set as a goal. But it’s great to be able to track my food (it remembers what I entered recently and keeps those things as suggestions) and know how much more I have to walk in a given day. Here’s hoping 10,000 a day will be good for me!

Both of the apps are free on iTunes. I highly recommend them!



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