Look, we knew this was going to happen.

There’s no such thing as being able to be 100% of anything.

I wrote that my weekend was going to be hard, as I’d have to get up and out much earlier than normal. And that appears to be my personal issue. I just can’t bring myself to go home after doing things all day and do a workout, or yoga, or whatever. And I can’t get out of bed early enough to do them before leaving.

And I kind of expected that. I thought I could push through it. But there was literally not enough time for me to do it. I was getting home too late, and  was too tired, and just couldn’t bring myself to even do a 30-minute pre-bedtime yoga routine.

In 13 days, I’ve missed 3. And it’s ok. I’ve decided now that I will do 30 full days, even if it takes me 40 to do that. It’s fine. I can do this. And I feel great, even though I was sore for the entire first week. I think I may have pushed myself on the planks.

Update: April 20:
I’m now currently 2o days in and have done 17 days of yoga. So I haven’t been terrible. Also, I feel great! While it’s still a bit difficult to pull myself out of bed to do it in the mornings, the warmer weather has made it at least a little easier.

I’ve now packed the heater in the closet and brought out the fan! Spring is upon us!



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