I was having an issue in the past few weeks: it was too cold to run in a short-sleeved shirt, but too warm to run in a hoodie or long-sleeved zip-up. If I were in Germany, it would be easy: it would be cold enough for the hoodies. But here in Japan, it’s really only ever around 0-5 (42 – 50 degrees) in the winter, so I was having a bit of a conundrum.

We’ve been trying to save money, so I didn’t really want to go shopping to buy another piece of fitness equipment.

not me in this excellent GapFit top

not me in this excellent GapFit Breathe hoodie.

But then I was cruising around the shops on one of my doctor-mandated walking breaks, and ended up in the GAP (I work in a building that has a shopping center/department store/mall downstairs. Oh, Japan). And they were having a sale. And when you walk into the store, the fitness stuff is right in front.

So I figured I could at least have a look around, since I had at least 40 minutes left before I had to be back for a lesson.

A lot of the tops were the same: too thick or too thin, too fashionable or just frumpy. There’s a lot of lounge-wear/yoga-wear for sale at the GAP, it seems.

But then I saw this one. And it was the right material (breathable, synthetic), the right color (grey, my favorite), and it had a hood. AND POCKETS.

There is not a damn thing that I would ever put in these pockets. I will be using this top mostly for running, although it will come with me on our trip to New Zealand for hiking. But it had pockets. So I had to try it on.

GapFit Breathe hoodie

Definitely me in the GapFit Breathe hoodie.

It’s a perfect fit, and it’s easy to move in, and it’s soft, and I love it. And it was on sale for 50% off, thanks to the New Year Promotion that all shops run in Japan. So I bought it.

And now I have a comfy top to go running in, and do yoga in (because the rooms in my house are definitely the same temperature as outside most of the time), and go hiking in. I call it ‘the Goldilocks top’: not too hot, not too cold. Juuuuust right for the weather right now.

I don’t even care that my running outfit is boring and all different shades of grey. It is so comfortable. Shopping success!


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