Here I am, trying to make good on what I said I would do, and what my Orthopedist recently told me I MUST do.

Even though at the moment, I am sitting at my office blogging, rather than walking, like I should be. But I did walk a lot on my other breaks today and will walk a LOT in about 90 minutes. So I think it will all equal out in the end.

I’ve been trying to walk a new route most days, but it gets hard if I ONLY have 15 minutes to go in any direction before I have to turn around and walk back. The walking time/distance can also be hindered if I’m not totally on top of my feedback for each lesson, and have to spend any part of my 40-minute break typing notes. That’s happened a few times and has totally slowed me down. Not happy about that!

This is a lot like when I first moved to Germany, and had to kill an hour before my German lessons because my bus got in either way too early, or way too late. That was a great way to learn the city, and this has been, too.

At my office in Otemachi, I walk around and see the sights, check out the palace, etc. In Ikebukuro, I’m in a building with 2 department stores (and 12 floors of shops), so I spend my time walking as far as I can on each floor, and that might be getting expensive 😉

Here are the tracks of my walks recently!





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