img_9246I went a little heavy on the junk food after we got back from the states, and again while we were in the UK. I guess by ‘junk food’, I mean ‘cheese’ last week, even though it was Doritos and Cheez-Its in the US. They are my kryptonite: if I start eating them, it’s really, really hard to stop.

But I love them. And they are some of the things I miss most about living in the US.

So my stomach feels pretty gross and I feel a lot heavier, even though I haven’t gained a lot of weight to show for it.

My stomach gets that feeling, like it’s NEVER fully empty after I eat too much junk. I don’t eat so much of it here, and I guess that’s the good part of living outside of the states: I dropped 4 sizes and don’t have the access to unhealthy things like I did when I lived there.

I can still get Cheetos and some Doritos (although not my favorite, Cool Ranch), they’re just harder to find, in smaller bags, and they cost about 3 times as much. So they aren’t ALWAYS in my kitchen, the way they used to be in the US. Cheez-Its, my most favorite, are not available here. People send them to me, or I buy them in bulk when I go back (there is currently one precious, unopened family-size box sitting in my kitchen. I can’t bring myself to open it).

That’s probably for the best.

So when I get to this point and my stomach feels like a brick, and I have that taste of unnatural sugar in my mouth, I have to go cold-turkey: I do what I call a ‘fruit fast’. It sounds like it would be a day or more of eating only fruit, and that’s basically what it is: fruits, cold vegetables, juice, tea. That’s it. For 2 days. Minimum.

I have no idea where I got this idea, or when it started. I just know that I feel a LOT better after I do it.

It’s not about weight loss, or a part of a cleanse or anything like that. It’s just all my body seems to want if I go too hard on the snacks.

So that’s where I am right now: fruit fasting, day one. Breakfast was juice and bananas, lunch was some tangerines and rice. Dinner will be cold vegetables and I guess maybe a tomato juice. I hope I’ll feel better in a few days!


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