I’ve said more than once that any physical activity outside of what you normally do each day counts as exercise, and now that the weather is getting better, I’ve been out walking a lot more.

Mark alwaIMG_6951ys walks to work, and we’ve argued about how long it takes, and if it’s faster to take the train, when we only live one station (3 minutes) away on the train. I walk to his office with him every Sunday, and I finally tracked it.

I guess it all depends on when, exactly, you leave the house and it you can catch a train immediately. If that happens, then taking the train is faster. If you miss one and have to wait for the  next one, then walking might win.

As we can see from the photo (left), it’s a 2.6 kilometer walk (under a mile) that takes 27 minutes, give or take. And hey, it burns off a piece of fruit or breakfast.

Fine. I’ll stop complaining.

After our trip to Germany and realizing that we need to be out in nature more (rather than running around Tokyo buying shit) on our days off, we’ve been trying really hard to use our off time better.

We found out that therIMG_6205e is a relatively big park a few stations away from our home, just a stop away from my hospital. The weather was so nice this past Tuesday that we finally decided to go for it.

The park is Shakuji-goen (Shakuji Park), and apparently it’s pretty popular with runners in the area.  A major plus for this one is that it has a pretty large body of water that you can walk around.

We got there and walked the long way round to get to it, easily adding another kilometer to our journey. But it wasn’t bad, and again, it was a gorgeous day, so we were really happy to be out, walking, and not needing jackets. We wore short sleeves!

WIMG_6972e caught it at a nice time of day, too, getting there at about 2:30pm.

There was only really enough time to walk around the park once before going back to the train station to head home, since the sun sets at about 4:45/5pm at the moment. No daylight savings time here, not ever!

So this was maybe more like a quick tour, rather than a full day trip. It could have easily turned into that. But it was a great first visit to the park, which is really lovely and has some INSANE real estate around it. Oh, to live in one of THOSE houses and wake up to see this place every day, just outside my window. It wouldn’t feel like Tokyo at all.

I hope we can do a lot more of this as the weather gets warmer. Tokyo is a HUGE city and it has a lot of parks, we just haven’t had the time to visit them. I’m hoping we can change that this year! And hey, when I bring my camera along, I don’t even THINK about how many calories I’m burning, or the distance we’ve gone. Mind tricks.



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