IMG_6812I’ve spent just about 2 years making my bed the most comfortable place in the world. I like to wake up early JUST SO I can lay in bed and enjoy how cozy it is.

I’m either getting old, or Scandinavian. I’m not sure.

We’ve got an electric blanket under the fitted sheet, and a fuzzy fleece blanket under the main duvet for winter. There’s a memory foam topper on the futon. It is the EPITOME of comfy. I love it.

But it means that in the morning, when I should be getting up and getting my workout on, all I want to do is stay in bed.

I blame this on the fact that my Japanese house is freezing in winter. Whatever the temperature outside is, that’s about the temperature inside. You don’t have to check the weather here, unless you want the forecast for the day.

So it’s really hard for me to drag my ass out of bed to go into the guest bedroom and turn the heaters on in there, just so I can go back to bed and load a video to do yoga to. It’s hard for me to put on freezing clothes to go running, so they need to sit in front of my heater for a good 10 minutes before I will either bother to put them on.

I LOVE running, and I LOVE stretching and doing yoga in the mornings. I always feel so much better once I am up or out and doing the damn thing. It’s just that point riiiiight before, when I could stay in bed just a liiiiittle bit longer, that can make or break my day.

I actually have to tell myself ‘you’ll be back here in a few hours’ just about every day in order to peel myself out of the cozy.

There is literally nothing else holding me back from being a workout machine in the mornings.

I’m interested to see how this changes as the weather gets warmer, and when it gets back to being really hot. I wonder what will happen then.


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