Today is my final day here in England, before I fly back to Japan to my normal life and work routine.

I thought I’d have all of this spare time to get up early and go running. And I kind of did, at first, except that I was sick with something called neuralgia, which I’d never even heard of until I landed and described my symptoms to Mark’s mother.

That really set me back. It took days for me to get over the pain in my sinuses (and teeth, strangely enough), and I’m still taking medication off and on to keep it at bay. My sleep was interrupted the first few nights whenever the meds wore off, so I really wasn’t in any shape to go out and go running in the mornings.

So although I packed all of my running gear and loaded my phone with music (since I can’t stream Spotify in other countries without racking up massive data roam fees), I didn’t even get to use any of it.

As it turns out, I did a TON of walking. England is good for that.

'photo or it didn't happen', right?

‘photo or it didn’t happen’, right?

On our second day in town, we went for a walk along the cliffs near Eastbourne.

We also went to a place called ‘High and Over’, where we stood above a horse carved into the hill of white clay.

I wore my Dr Martens and they got very muddy, but this isn’t what we’d normally consider a fitness activity. It was more like ‘a lot of walking in the speck of nice weather while we have the chance’, which was great, since it then rained for like two days straight after that.

that's the same light-house you see in the first photo!

that’s the same light-house you see in the first photo!

When it finally stopped raining a few days later, we took another walk. This time, we walked to the beach that was below the cliffs. We started from a different location and it was a good 2 miles there and back.

It was cold, and windy, and I wasn’t feeling so great, but we still did it. Again, done in Dr Martens shoes and pretty slowly, since I brought my Mamiya and stopped to take a LOT of photos, but we did it. And then we went back to a very warm house and relaxed.

DSC_2631The next day, we went walking around a very old church and its cemetery.

This was clearly NOT a fitness activity, but we walked all over the cemetery as Mark’s family members are buried in various places around it.

I probably shouldn’t have brought my cameras, but I did, since that’s how I roll. I dropped my new digital camera on the ONE spot that had concrete (the parking lot) and now I’m stuck shooting with my zoom lens. Lesson learned: don’t take photos in a cemetery.

from City Hall to Victoria station.

from City Hall to Victoria station.

The following day, we went to London to have lunch with our friend Jav, then meet Mark’s sister after work to go to a gallery show.

I thought there was a sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor across from the Houses of Parliament, so we walked all the way there from City Hall, where we met Jav. I’m not sure we realised how far that walk actually was until we were doing it.

As it turned out, the sculptures weren’t permanent and had only been there for a month. So we walked all that way for basically nothing. But since it put us closer to Victoria station, we just decided to keep walking. In the end, it was a 6.7 km walk BEFORE we even got into the museum and walked all through that.

So again, no ‘fitness’, but hella walking.

And then we went to Germany, where we did a LOT more walking with multiple friends.

I’m writing all of this because sometimes, we think we’re not doing enough. I was really annoyed with myself for packing all of my running stuff and then not using it. But when I went back and looked at all of my photos, and saw where we’d walked (and how far), I realised that I’ve actually done more than I thought. Maybe I didn’t do what I had expected to do, but I still got many kilometres of walking in, which is more than I would have done at home on my normal work days.

So I really shouldn’t complain or be annoyed with myself. I’ll get back to running and yoga when I’m home, and not sick. Fine.


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