I’m still at the part of my fitness journey where the workouts aren’t fun, exactly, and I’m not excited to pull myself out of my uber-comfy bed in the morning in order to do them.

I really felt that way this morning, but I worked it out in my head that AFTER I did my workout, I could maybe get BACK in bed for another 20  minutes or so. I dragged myself out, got the yoga video loaded and ready to go, and turned on the heater.

I may have mentioned it before, but I’ll reiterate it here for the story: I live in a very traditional, beautiful, amazing Japanese house with sliding doors, rice paper window covers, and tatami mat floors (which smell GREAT!). The entire thing is a HUGE fire hazard. Also, it’s freezing in winter, as the walls and foundation are thin enough to withstand earthquakes and allow a cross-breeze in the process. So most people have air conditioners in each room that blow hot in the winter and cool in the summer.

The AC unit in my yoga room is a piece of shit, and it never feels warm enough in the winter. And since I’m only a renter, I can’t just rip it out of the window and get a new one. So we’re stuck using a space heater in that room (and in my bedroom: a different story for a different day).

unnamedThe little electric space heaters are good. They’re fine, although they would be better if they actually made the rooms feel warm for extended amounts of time. The one we have in the spare room is like the ‘leftover’ heater: it’s the one that we like least, and use minimally.

So I was all set up with my wireless headphones (awesome), blanket, yoga strap, blocks, etc. It was all ready to go. I started running the video and about 5 minutes in, I realized the heater wasn’t blowing in quite the right direction, and I was a bit drafty on my right side. So I tried to reach out in the middle of a table pose (the heater was in front of me, off to the left) to move it over, and knocked the damn thing over.

The grill of the heater is metal and gets hot very quickly, and it just fell onto the grass mat floor. These things turn off when they fall over, but still, it was hot and could start a fire. I panicked, paused the video, and proceeded to try to pick it up with my bare hands, like an idiot, burning my fingers.

When I paused the video, it decided to reload. This is an issue I’ve had before on the site I’m using, but I thought it was a one-off thing. It appears it’s not. So I lost the entire video stream, which had a good 20 minutes left on it. To reload it would have taken about 5 minutes, but I ONLY had 15 minutes left before I had to get up and do other things.

The ENTIRE point of doing yoga (or one of them, at least, for me), is to calm the fuck down and not let things worry or upset me. I was already thinking too much about work and some issues when I started this morning, and had been looking forward to taking that time to relax and clear my mind. And then this.

I was SO angry. Unreasonably angry. I think I sat for a good 2 minutes, just being pissed off that I paused the video. I can’t believe precisely how angry I got. I will never pause the video again! From now on, I will let that shit play on as if I’m actually IN a yoga class, rather than risking losing it.

At the end of it all, I just decided to do my own little yoga routine, since I know enough to do a few sun salutations. I worked really hard to push all of that negativity out of my mind and be ok by the time I was done, but that was actually really hard. It took the whole 20 minutes, just about.

So, lesson learned. Don’t pause the damn video, and make sure the heater is in the right position before pressing play. NEVER AGAIN.


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