sony pink headphones

I got these Sony Genuine Pink SNH20 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Christmas from Mark.

I’d been talking about getting wireless headphones for a while, since I like to do yoga in the mornings. I do them in our second bedroom, but there’s a bit of an issue: the train goes by about every 3-5 minutes, and I can’t turn the volume up too loud, since Mark is still asleep. So sometimes, I can’t hear what is being said in the video, and have to turn my head to look at what’s going on.

At first, I thought about using normal headphones, but none were long enough to account for my laptop being on the floor, and me standing at the end of the mat.

I really didn’t know where to begin in the search for headphones, and of course, since we live in Japan, all of the packages in the shop were in Japanese. We went to the Apple store first, but none of the headphones fit my ears really well, or had a plastic piece that wrapped around the ear, which I really didn’t like. They were also ridiculously overpriced, for not being made by Bose.

I wasn’t interested in a bigger, more serious pair of headphones like I would use to *actually* listen to music while reclining on a couch (or in bed). I needed something that would move with me and not fall off my head when I go into downward-dog position.

So we were kind of wandering through the electronics store, and couldn’t find anything like that. I finally worked up the courage to ask someone (in Japanese) to help us, and he took us over to where they were.

Again, we couldn’t really read anything, but were operating on what the man had said: ‘everything here is wireless for bluetooth’. Ok then. I chose the pink ones.

I personally really like earbuds, and don’t mind the feeling of something being in my ears. So I grabbed these. They were inexpensive, looked simple enough, and pink, so they would match all of my stuff and be easy to find (and since they’re pink, I can count on Mark probably NOT wanting to use them).

I used them to do yoga and a floor workout yesterday, and I took them running today. They work perfectly! I’m not sure about the battery life on them, so I’m charging after every use at the moment. I accidentally left them on all day yesterday, and they were still good for the run this morning, so that’s a plus. I’m forgetful of new things like that, so I think I got lucky.

But now, I can actually hear what is being said in my yoga video when a train blasts by, and I’m not getting tangled up in my headphones cord when I go running. So, definitely a helpful addition to my workout bag! Merry Christmas to me! 🙂


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