Sorry to use the same picture twice. I'm not taking any more!

Sorry to use the same picture twice. I’m not taking any more!

Was it really a challenge? Really?

I’m not sure. It was a lot like ‘try to drink 8 cups of water a day’, I guess, except I usually do that anyway. Unless I’m teaching, and then I dehydrate myself on purpose, so I use the toilet less. Long story.

So anyway. To the results:

I drank about 5 cups of green tea each day I was at my office, sometimes 6 cups. This is 4 weeks at 4 days a week. On Sundays, when I worked at another office, I made sure to buy a bottle of green tea, since the other office doesn’t give it to us for free. So, it evened itself out.

While I can say that I definitely felt more awake and crashed less in the middle of my day (which often happens after lunch time, re: the ‘rice crash’ post), I didn’t actually lose any weight.

For this experiment, I tried to keep the rest of my life ‘the same’. I took the stairs as often as I normally do, did my morning yoga as often as usual, and ate pretty much the same stuff, since I’m pretty lazy about preparing lunches. So there weren’t any other outside factors that could have forced me to gain or lose weight.

As I said initially, I didn’t actually expect to lose any weight. Weight loss isn’t something I am concerning myself with at the moment, although I AM starting to focus on toning and rebuilding strength. And as I said in ANOTHER post, the progress is slow and I’m taking baby steps. I’ve set my mind to try to go back to Budo once the new year starts. I think I can rebuild my strength enough before that time, especially now that my running season is fast approaching.

Drinking the green tea every day before 5:30pm was a bit of a chore for me. Now that I’m NOT doing the challenge, I’m back to drinking mostly water, and some home-made fruit smoothies, at work. I prefer this as it ensures I get enough fruit every day.



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