On my way up, I like to think about how great my ass is going to look after a few more weeks of this.

I like to celebrate the fact that I *can* actually take the stairs each day, since my mother couldn’t. I’ve written about her before, but she was pretty disabled and couldn’t do a lot. Stairs used to take her a really long time. We could never park our van anywhere but in the handicapped spots, because she couldn’t walk much further than that. So because of her, I relish in the fact that even though I might not be 100% balanced and able to run down stairs, at least I can walk everywhere each day, and (slowly) get down the stairs.

stand left, walk right.

stand left, walk right.

There are a lot more stairs in my life than there used to be. Now that I take trains every day to and from work, there’s an endless supply of stairs and escalators I can (and have to) take to get to my job. There’s actually no avoiding them.

While there are generally ALWAYS stairs and escalators going UP from a subway line, there are usually only stairs on the way down. Due to my balance issues lately, I have to walk slowly down the stairs, but my new goal is to walk down without needing the railing. I’m almost there!

Taking the stairs is like added exercise that you can sneak in. Sure, I won’t turn around and run up and down them, but the sheer amount of them on my route to work ensure that I’m going to get at least a little bit of a workout in each day.

Do yourself a favor and take the stairs when you can. Your inner thighs and ass will thank you for it! Even if it’s hard, just think about how tight your behind will be if you keep it up:)

I think about my thighs rubbing together WAY too much. It’s like a goal in life, to have them NOT rubbing together every day. And summer sweat just makes it worse. So now I’m thinking and writing about it.


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  1. MJ says:

    Thanks for writing about your life and things.
    Yes. I will take the stairs more.

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