Hello readers,

It’s been a while. I apologize for being gone for so long. There are a million reasons, as there always seem to be. As usual, I’ll say I was busy with work, which I was, and generally not able to do much on my days off. All of my attempts at fitness flew out of the window AGAIN as I started to get busy in that nice, long break I used to have in the middle of my work days. They are non-existent now. And as of May, summer weather is definitely upon us, which means any plans I might have had to go running are now officially scrapped.

I will say: in May, I climbed another mountain. So that was good.

I still walk about 1 mile each day going to and coming from work.

If I have a chance to go shopping (but not enough time to run) during the work days, it turns into a 5k walk.

Whenever I see stairs, I climb them instead of using the escalator or the elevator. If the escalator is the only option, I walk up them instead of standing.

So, I’m ‘doing things’, but nothing that now falls outside of ‘normal’ for me.

I still have to try to find some extra time in my days to utilize, in order to do fitness. And lately, I’ve found it. It might only be a summer thing, but if I start this habit now, it might not be so bad when winter comes and my house is freezing. Actually, this COULD be turned into something else on winter mornings, if I play my cards right and can force myself out of bed on the cold mornings…

There’s a sweet spot in the mornings from about 7:30 until 9am, when I’m awake, but my fiance is not. I wake up at ‘stupid o’clock’, as soon as I see (sense?) natural light. At this time, I try my hardest not to wake him. In the summer, I try my hardest not to sweat in bed. But as we don’t have DST here and the sun rises at 4:45, I’m up relatively early and can’t get back to sleep. And I can’t type emails, because that’ll wake him up. So I HAVE to get out of bed and do something.

IMG_3992-0That something has turned out to be yoga and a (very, very) light workout in the second bedroom. This is a good thing, as it’s where I WANTED to start from, and the least-resistance thing I can think to do to rebuild my strength.

And rebuild, I must: after the debacle at the end of 2013, I have pretty much lost ALL of my strength, ALL of my balance, ALL of my coordination. I can still use key-commands on my computer like a boss, but all of that awesome workout stuff I was doing in the summer of 2012 is lost. As I said in a more recent post, even my running looks off.

So I’m starting back from ‘Square -1’. 15 crunches now seems like a challenge. I can’t get my squatting form right. And it’s summer. So it’s really already too hot for me. My workouts are going to have to be the definition of ‘low-key’ and ‘basic’. Because I won’t survive much else at the moment.

I had all of these great ideas about getting back into Budo and going running in the mornings. And it appears that there is really NO WAY I can do those things at this point in time.

Here I go, starting somewhere BEFORE the beginning. I like ‘square -1’. When I get back to feeling like I can walk down stairs without needing the banister, we’ll be at ‘square 0’.


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