Slow and Steady wins the race 😉

DSC_9296I must have said that to myself and  my kids 100x. It’s the truth though. People often ask me how I got to where I am today as far as weight loss and eating healthier.  People are so quick to jump onto the fad diet to lose weight quickly and be size 8 or 4 in less than a month.  I have had this conversation too many times to count. In my opinion losing weight fast is not healthy.  Increasing your calorie intake by 3 and 4 times what you should be eating to freak your metabolism into overdrive is not healthy in my opinion.  Fad diets that cut out carbs or trans fats or fruit or increase only certain foods I don’t agree with.  The less you have of one product the more your body will crave it & sadly the mind is NOT helpful in that area at all.

I tell everyone that asks:  Watch your calories, eat a good amount.  Don’t eat too less and don’t eat too much.  For me my calorie count stays around 12-1500 a day.  Eat every 3-4 hours, that will help your metabolism to continue to burn instead of storing.  Eat carbs, eat fruit, eat meat, eat starch, eat fat but do it in moderation. I can’t stress moderation enough. Instead of 5 cookies after supper, eat 2. Instead of 2 scoops of ice cream after supper eat 1.  Limit your calories but not what you eat. Try to eat 4-5 fruits and veggies a day, try to eat 2 carbs a day, it won’t kill you and it certainly won’t make you fat or unhealthy. If anything you will be healthier as your body has a more well-balanced diet which is WAY more important than the number in the back of your pants.

Most importantly EXERCISE! I don’t mean burning up 900 burned calories everyday.  Just move… walk, ride your bike, take the stairs, sit on the floor and stretch while your watching tv, anything to increase your heart rate will help you burn calories.  Will you be a size 8 or 4 in a month?!? No way… BUT! you will see a change, in yourself, in your ability to make it through the day, you will feel your inner strength & your clothes will start to feel better. You will feel better about you and it will make you want to do more. You will want to try harder at watching your calories, you will take the stairs but maybe 2 at a time. In time… you will reach that size 4 or that size 8 but IN TIME.  There is no easy, over night fix for how you live your life & that’s exactly what diet & exercise truly are. It’s a LIFESTYLE its not the next fad that rolls off the mass-produced assembly line, it’s a CHOICE… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to get up and to make good food choices, to create good physical health habits. To be conscious of what you are d
oing and what you are eating. To not just live a life but to Love the Life you Live because you choose it.

Stop the nonsense and start a conscious effort towards changing your life.



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