… that is the question.


A very good question indeed!!  I’ve researched the topic for sometime now because I do supplement and I’m curious if it’s doing my body any good.  Studies are torn, some say it’s good others say it’s possibly toxic.  No real strength in one direction or the other however, almost ALL preach seeking your doctors approval or opinion especially if you are taking prescribed medications.

So… that’s what I’ve done.
I talked to my own doctor about the supplements that I take. Some she thought I didn’t really need and others she encouraged me to take. Among those were fish oil, garlic, glucosamine & chondroitin, B12 and iron. I also take a vitamin C if the kids have been not feeling well and a regular one a day woman’s vitamin. I don’t take all these supplements everyday, as a matter of fact I take some every other and I take some every couple of days. I started taking them and I just see how I feel after I take them.  Take Iron for example, I’m almost always anemic as a matter or fact I have a really hard time giving blood over the years because my iron is never where it should be. Now taking iron pills… they don’t work as great as eating iron fortified foods like green leafy veggies and red meat. However, it still helps supplement your diet, I can’t take an iron supplement every day, it doesn’t agree with me. I changed my regiment around to every other day.  I also take Lysine, that’s something I’ve wrote about before for my cold sores and I do take it everyday when I’m working inside because my temperature tends to climb when I’m in a heated environment working out but if I’m running outside in the chilly mornings I don’t always take it. I do try to take garlic and B12 everyday.  B12 has many benefits in short it helps with skin, hair & nail care, it’s great for energy production and helping your body fight depression & fatigue.  It also helps with digestion & helps curb unhealthy cholesterol levels as well as helps with blood pressure. Garlic also has many benefits such as heart health, hair & nail health, it helps support your immune system. I’ve never had an overwhelming problem with blood pressure but at times my bottom number can be a little higher than I’d like.  Along with eating healthy and exercise I’ve been able to lower my numbers to a better place.  Is garlic a cure for high blood pressure?? or Lysine a cure for fever blisters? or B12 a cure for depression?  Absolutely not but supplementing a good healthy diet with some extra fortified nutrients you may not be getting from your food certainly does help.

If you are interested in taking supplements for health reasons, I, like most of the research I read would absolutely urge you to talk to your doctor because some natural supplements can interfere with how your regular prescribed medication works.


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