… even if NO ONE understands.

Often time I get asked, ‘why don’t you do anything with your hair’ ; ‘why don’t you get highlights’ or they say ‘I liked it better when it was shorter’ ; ‘I liked it better longer why did you cut it’.

On and on the questions are always there & have been for many years. I have mostly learned to smile and shrug and go on. Although, as I’m growing older I feel the need to explain. I don’t ‘do’ anything with my hair so that I can so something really special with my heart.

I get my hair trimmed a couple of times in a year but that is about it and I cut my hair once every year or year and half. I don’t dye or highlight it, I don’t have it styled or layered.  I go to great lengths to care for my hair with oil and special organic shampoos & conditioners.  I very rarely use hairspray, a dryer or an iron.  My hair is natural, in every sense of the word.  My husband and my closest family & friends understand but that doesn’t stop outsiders from asking.

I have had some pretty special people in my life struggle with Cancer. Some I’ve been really close to and some not but they have still made an impact on my life. I’ve also met some really special people in my life that have Alopecia.  Alopecia has many reasons for why it affects the human body but when I see children that struggle with it, it breaks my heart. Much like children who are going through chemo & radiation that are pressing though this enormous up hill battle joined with simply just being a child.  Being a child is hard enough and trying to do it with obvious physical differences just makes everything that much harder.  When I was a child I was bald till I was almost 4 years old. My mom got my ears pierced so that people would know I was a girl but it didn’t deter people from calling me a boy.  I was old enough to remember correcting people & telling them I was a girl.  Perhaps maybe that’s why I feel so strongly about what I do.

For many years I have grown my hair out, cut and donated it. To Locks of Love, to Wigs 4 Kids. It doesn’t matter the cause it’s just something that I do. Now you know why I don’t hardly ever do anything with my hair.

This past year was no exception, Oct. 1st I cut my hair and donated it to Wigs 4 Kids, through the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.   This year it had special meaning I donated my hair in loving memory of my cousin Zach, he was 10 when he lost his fight to cancer. I know his road was long and hard but he never gave up, he has encouraged and helped so many people.  I am proud of all he was and all he still is.  This one was for you Zach.


If you or someone you know would like to donate your hair, please follow these links for more information:

Wigs 4 Kids
Locks of Love
Pantene Beautiful Lengths
St. Baldricks Foundation

Sometimes dealing with something for a short time
can give a gift to someone else that can make a lifetime of difference. 


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