Not to be all *I look awesome right now*, but I’ve decided that there has to be something in the water, or hair products, at Run Cube that make my hair always look GD awesome after a run and shower. I really don’t want to think about the fact that it may be related to whale parts, which apparently make it into cosmetics over here. I really need to learn to read.

PLEASE tell me what the hell is in this shampoo?!?

PLEASE tell me what the hell is in this shampoo?!?

Then again, it could be the fact that this allows me to wash my hair twice a week, something I was practically fighting for over the past few months of working 5 very hardcore days in a row. And my hair may like that. I can usually go for 4 days in a row with no issue, and 5 if I push it, but now the most seems to be 3 or 4, tops.

It’s also interesting to me that as a teen, I fought for my hair to be straight. Nowadays it appears that my hair naturally feels the need to go in that direction. This is rather hysterical, since I JUST had my hair dryer + diffuser sent over from the states, in order to help my hair be the wavy version of itself that I’d gotten used to over the past, oh, 5 years or so.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but my hair is so soft lately that I’ve been making Mark touch it, just to make sure it’s not just me that notices.

Running: good for my hair.

So this was week 3 of ‘holy hell no one booked a lesson for 4 hours in the middle of my day’, and I was able to take another run. As I said, I’m definitely doing Run Cube as the price is way lower, and it’s closer, and the price is lower. Less pretense?

IMG_9312I got to take a run on Thursday, and the ‘fall foliage’ that the Japanese go apeshit for was in full effect. It might have been the only reminder I had that it’s actually fall now, since the temperatures here are still in the 50’s most days. Also, I work underground, so no windows. It’s actually uncommon for me to see a sunset. So my weekly venture out into afternoon sun is a nice change.

Today’s run saw the Spotify glitch fixed, either because I gave the phone a restart after troubleshooting, or because Apple products are notoriously finicky. I’ve been using them since college, and seriously: sometimes the best way to solve an issue is to turn it off and give it time to think about what it’s done. Like a boyfriend with communication issues, they wake up and forget there was ever a problem in the first place. This is actually how I solve MOST Apple product issues.

On the downside, however, my knee issue was not one that was solved by sleeping and waking up a few times.

IMG_9321I did, however, make it to minute 21 before it got angry, so that’s progress.

For this run, I actually clocked the walk TO the palace as part of it the overall time. It takes about 5 minutes to get from the Run Cube station to the palace, so I decided to track it. I then ‘began’ the C210k week 2, day 1 workout from a point that was a bit closer to the Cube, rather than at my normal start point (the bridge). I know for a fact I still didn’t go as far as the first time, but that’s because I’m definitely running a LOT slower, in order to try to work on my form, not herniate a disc in the L section of my back, and pay attention to my knee.

I tend to herniate discs when running on pavement, but I don’t have a lot of options. So I’m trying to take it easy, and also trying to figure out where the hell I can go running on my off days that isn’t paved. I think I might be able to make some time on days off (or Sundays after work, since I’m cutting back), to go somewhere on the train that is better for my spine. We’ll see.

I really can’t wait until I can do a 5k in under (or around) 30 minutes. I have a feeling the scenery I’m running in now is going to get old. If it doesn’t, having to turn back and see so many people giving me the stink eye certainly will.

And here’s a song from today’s run, because motivation:


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