Hello! I’m back to talk about running and another run spot:)

As it turns out, the past few weeks have been great for having that ONE day each week when no one wants to come in for a lesson. I’ve gotten really lucky that I’ve been able to block off 2 days in 2 consecutive weeks. This almost never happens!

IMG_9250So this week, I decided to try out Run Pit, which is technically farther from my office (by like a block, maybe two), but directly across the street from the palace. This is also the place that is on the first floor, rather than the 3rd or 4th. This place is kind of ‘prettier’ and filters radio through the sound system. It also has running gear that you can buy in their shop, as well as various arm bands for different phones/mp3 players that you can borrow and just give back. Which is great, because…

My iPhone 5c is definitely a different size than the 3GS that I was working with before. And now my excellent arm band sucks. I tried to go online to buy a new one, but neither of the ones I like will ship outside of the US. So I either have to try amazon.co.uk, or go looking for a running store that doesn’t sell the bullshit Belkin brand, which is manufactured to fall apart (glue!!). We’ll see where my walking takes me over the weekend before I go out of my mind with this.

The immediate difference between Run Pit and Run Cube is the price. Run Cube (the first place/previous post) charges Y500 for a shower and locker single-use, while the prettier and closer Run Pit charges Y1300. The price difference alone has made my decision for me, to be honest.

AT MOST, I’ll probably use one of these places about 5 times a month. This would mean that if I paid for each time as a single-use experience, I’d pay Y2500 at Run Cube  (monthly membership Y2900), and Y6500 at Run Pit (monthly membership Y4500). While there IS value in getting a membership to Pit, at Cube I don’t even need one and it’s totally affordable, and still cheaper. That Y2500 costs less than what I blow on pizza almost every week.

IMG_9251That being said, the overall experience at Run Pit was totally fine. I’m glad I went to Cube first, as I had a basis for comparison. The locker I got was a bit bigger. The lighting in the powder-room area was brighter. the hair products and face wash all worked just fine. Hairdryer was great. It was a little more spacious, but that’s not worth an extra Y4000  each month. However, the extra curtain in the shower to change behind was great. Not that I need it. But I imagine some ladies never want anyone to see them nude. I wrote a separate post about something similar over on my other blog about my first trip to the gyno, in which there was a curtain between me and my doctor, so we wouldn’t ‘see’ each other as he inspected…?

Anyway, all of that being said, the experience at Run Pit was a very convenient one and I’m sure a LOT of runners in the Otemachi district appreciate it. They even had a helpful poster on the wall to give pointers and tips for first-time runners at the palace. How nice! Except, I totally didn’t follow some of the ‘rules’.

IMG_9264One of the ‘rules’ of being polite while running is that we should all run the same way (counter-clockwise). I’ll be happy to do that once I can knock out a 5k in under 30 minutes. For now, I’m going to be ‘that guy’ who turns around at the halfway point and runs clockwise, back the way I came, because I can’t run that far. I was thinking about this on my run, because I was wondering if anyone has ever been stopped and told ‘you’re running the wrong way’. And if I am, who can stop me and force me to run in the other direction? It’s a free country, and all that, right? Just thinking.

I made a point on run #2 to go slower, pay attention to my form, and see how long it took until my knee gave out on me. I felt like my form was better and felt more comfortable running this time, and my knee was happy the entire way!

I had an iPhone malfunction that day, which was basically the new iOS update effing everything up, so I ran without a pedometer (not a huge deal) and without music most of the way (a BIG EFFING DEAL). I managed to troubleshoot when I got home and it won’t happen again, but that was terrible, running without music.

Based on where I was when I turned back, I didn’t run as far as I’d run the first time. So, that’s something to look out for in my upcoming run. It appears I may be able to get away with taking one day each week to do a run, and that day may be Thursday or Friday. We shall see!

But: my choice is made. It’s Run Cube for me. More later!


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