So, I’m finally back to feeling better, and I’m sure it’s due in no small part to the facts that:
a- it’s November, so it’s cooler
b- it’s November, and almost my birthday
c- I’ve been in something like recovery since we got here, and now I feel like I can run again!

As you’ve been reading, I’m trying to get back to running, since I love the way I feel when I run, and it’s healthy, and it’s usually free. It won’t be SO free when I start paying to take showers and use lockers, but I may as well do something productive with that 5-hour break in the middle of my work day when no one is coming in.

There was only one small pitfall to all of this planning and researching, and I noticed it the other day when I was going through all of my running and fitness gear: none of my workout clothes fit me.

I’m not just talking shirts. My tight, heat-keeping, sweat-wicking awesome running pants I’d been wearing for YEARS finally decided to be just too big. And also, all of my awesome sports bras were NOT going to support the tinier-breasted me while running around the palace.

If it had JUST been the pants, I would have worn them anyway and dealt with them. But I am really, really anti-booby sag before its due time, and will NOT allow running to contribute to that! So I pretty much HAD to buy myself some new clothes. And since it’s almost my birthday, I figured, what the hell.

It turned out that shopping for fitness clothes became a research expedition of its own. I KNEW I could get just about anything I needed from floor 8 of the Seibu RIGHT NEXT TO MY TRAIN STOP at the station, but I thought I’d utilize the downtime I had at my office to explore all of the insane shopping options around me, and maybe find something only slightly overpriced there. I mentioned I work NEXT to the palace in the business and finance district, but there’s also a new-ish shopping district right next to all that, with loads of swanky shops.

I was wrong, of course, because that’s how it goes when I go exploring on my own around here. And, it rained, as usual. I found an awesome dress that costs way too much and MAY turn out to be a birthday gift to myself, but after 3 high-rises full of shops, I found zero fitness stores where I could buy anything. I found a ton of excellent clothing shops, but not a single one devoted to fitness.

I still believe I could probably go one station over to Tokyo (which I was literally walking next to) and use the opposite exit to find some sports shops, but I wasn’t going to bank on it, as it’s effectively like trying to shop on Wall Street. So instead, I spent one of my days off doing ALL TEH SHOPPING and managed to get everything I needed, in one damn store, at the Seibu right at my station. Just as I thought I would. This is also the shop I go to that has an awesome basement grocery full of import stuff, the cosmetics places are all here, and also the place I’ve been most successful in finding cute clothes, piece by piece. 10 floors of 3 different department stores, all connected. How could I NOT find everything there?

I went in initially looking for some badass, super-obnoxiously colored patterned pants like the ones you always see Lisa Marie over at Bodyrock wearing. That was not an insult, I want to wear fun things like that, since they’ll MAKE me want to wear them and therefore, HAVE to work out.

However, it appears that Japanese athletes are approximately 0% fun, and I found a lot of black on black patterned running pants or stuff with random stripes or piping here and there, but nothing outrageous and neon.

animal print!!!

Super unflattering face! animal print!!1!

But it wasn’t all bad. I think I found the only animal print pants on all of floor  8, and I think they look effing awesome! A little understated, but still a snake-skin pattern, and totally my style recently. And yeah, it appears I’ll be sticking to neon pink for another go-round until I can be bothered to replace all of my winter run gear, which is mostly grey and pink. I’m cool with that. It matches my phone!

These pants are ALSO going to serve as my ‘hiking Fuji’ pants next year, so I guess I don’t mind that they’re understated, since I think they’re still really cool. And heat-saving. AND SWEAT-WICKING. All of my favorite things!

And now that I have some sweet running clothes, I’m super psyched to try my first run tomorrow at work! I’ve blocked off the time, have chosen the route (there’s only one) and will make sure to take photos when I have to stop and walk, since that’ll totally be happening with these knees on my first day back in forever.

I’m very excited to go running tomorrow.

More later x


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