hi guys!

Following my last post, I closed out a few lessons on a slow day and took a walk over to check out Run Pit and Run Cube in more detail.

As I supposed, both places featured workers who spoke JUST enough English for me to get some questions answered. It turns out that the two places are about 2 blocks away from each other (think NYC blocks), and nearly equidistant from the office.

Today, I actually walked in to both places, got tours, and got some questions answered.

Run Cube, at night, in the rain.

Run Cube, at night, in the rain.

The details:
~ Both places are similarly priced, with the monthly membership fee which covers locker and shower use being Y2,900 ($29) at Run Cube, and Y3,500 ($35) at Run Pit. For probably going 6x per month, this totally beats the Y900 fee for showering and locker use per visit that both places charge.

~ Both offer an additional ‘shoe locker’ for an added fee. I don’t QUITE understand what this is, but I think it means you can use the extra locker to keep your running shoes in, rather than bringing them back and forth with you. I checked these guys out, and they COULD hold my running clothes as well, but I don’t need to pay the extra Y1,000 per month for that. I’m ok with leaving my gym bag at the office, a few blocks away!

~ Both have a full setup that would make most American gyms jealous: a full range of shower products to use, from shampoo and conditioner (the good shit, too) to towels, hair dryers and face cloths. At each location, there were no less than 8 stations to beautify at post-shower, all with immaculate fashion show lighting around the mirrors. Awesome!

~ Both places have English-speaking staff!

IMG_8651The slight differences between them:
~ My lazy ass definitely noted that Run Cube’s Lady section was on the 4th floor, with no elevator, while Run Pit is conveniently located on the 1st floor, just off the street.

~ My stomach likes that Run Cube is actually situated ABOVE a running-themed restaurant with really healthy food, and menus in English.

~ Run Pit is definitely the ‘prettier’ of the two, while Run Cube is definitely ‘more Baltimore’, which I like.

~ Run Pit has shoes, phone arm bands, and CLOTHES you can rent, if you forgot yours. They also have a mini store, full of gear you could buy. Which is nice, even if it’s small. They also have a personal space with a nice view of a courtyard that has outlets to charge your electronics.

~ Run Cube has a rooftop café. This makes up for the lack of lounge space that Run Pit has, except in winter. Not that I’d spend much time there, but still.


Overall, I think I prefer Run Cube to Run Pit, due to the slightly lower price and the connection to a cafe and restaurant. I also like the slight grittiness, since it reminds me of home. Run Pit is fancy, but it might just be too fancy for me.

I’m going to take a week to think about it, and then I’m going to try each of them out when I get some free time. The good part of both of these is that I can go there on my days off as well, if I want to, and still take the same train. So it looks like work when tax time comes, haha!

Then, I have to figure out if I can actually RUN a 5k, and how much time I’ll need. If I can’t, I need to figure out a path THROUGH the garden to get back faster. I know at my best I could do 5k in 30 minutes, and I also know that I’m NOWHERE near able to do that now. I imagine a 5k may take me 45 minutes. I need to try that out before I go trying it in the middle of a scheduled day.

More to come!


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