hi again!

As I said in a previous post, I’m working on finding a place near my work where I can ditch my clothes, run and then shower AFTER the run. This is a really popular thing to do in Tokyo, and there are multiple locations situated at different points around the Imperial Palace.

I had 2 places in mind to check out yesterday, and I took a walk with a coworker of mine, who is also interested in running. We found the first location, Inaryu, relatively easily. Inaryu is JUST a sento (so, a ‘public bath’) and not a place for runners, necessarily. I walked in and tried to ask if English was ok, but the 80+ year old lady behind the counter wouldn’t speak to me and wasn’t overly helpful, so I just left. I’m not concerned.

IMG_8655The second place turned out to be WAY too far away for walking. Well, not too far. I would have done it if I had more time. But while I was figuring that out, we came across ANOTHER running spot, which was super close to the train station and the office: 10 Over 9 Run Cube.

Attached to a Runner Cafe and a stones’ throw from the palace track, the Run Cube is a space that offers showers, lockers, and even gear rental, if it’s needed. It’s a super added bonus that it has a cafe (with vegetarian options) attached to it.

Neither of us were totally sure how the pricing worked, and neither of us have great reading skills yet, but we figured out that you can pay for a shower and a locker PER visit, OR you can pay a monthly membership fee. The fees for monthly membership ranged from Y1,900 – Y4,500 ($19-$45), making it pretty affordable on the low end.

IMG_8651THEN, today I was walking through my station and found a new ad (end of the month, new signs go up) for a new run space that is almost right across the street from Run Cube: Run Pit!

Run Pit is similar to Run Cube, in that you can pay PER use, or a monthly fee. The membership prices per month are pretty reasonable and about the same as Run Cube.

So tomorrow, I’m going to make a point to go to both places to check them out and see if any of the staff members speak English. While it’s not expected that they do, the fact that these two places are in Otemachi, which is home to MANY international companies with workers from overseas, leads me to believe that one of them MIGHT be able to talk to me. I’m going to end up choosing one of these places to start, and hopefully, as my Japanese gets better, I can find other places that are similar to them. I’m really excited that I found 2 places that are nearby and NOT male-only (some are) and have private showers, so my tattoos won’t be a problem!

I’ll keep you posted on what I find out!


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