This morning, I got back to yoga. It went WAY better than the last time I tried it, in December or November (I can’t remember when that was).

I have this terrible habit of not sleeping enough, or waking up too early, I’m not sure. I know I must have fallen asleep around 1 last night, but as normal, I was up at 7. I woke up naturally, so I won’t complain, but sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who sleeps for a long time and enjoys it. Instead, I toss and turn, trying to ‘enjoy’ being in bed and not having to get up, to no avail. There are things to do! I guess this makes me a morning person, as long as there’s no alarm involved.

So I woke up and knew I’d be doing yoga, and went straight to my Yoga playlist on Youtube to figure out which video I’d be doing. Last year, I’d collected a few ‘Yoga for beginners’ style videos (since I clearly have to start back at square one), and they were all about 30 minutes long. I just decided I’d start from the top and work my way down.

I did this video today:

Yoga for complete beginners. And I really, really noticed how far I have fallen while doing it.

To be fair, I’m MUCH better off than I was in my last post about yoga, in which I was angry, wanted to break things and couldn’t stand on my own. It wasn’t easy to do tree pose this morning, but I managed it, even if I was shaky. As I was quietly flipping out about holding the pose, our host Sean said ‘balance is always earned, it’s never given’. And maybe because I start bleeding tomorrow, I got a little teary. But I was definitely thinking around that point (about 20:40 minutes in) about how much better I am now than I was at this time last year, and how things feel like they’re finally starting to settle for me (and us, as well). So it was nice to hear that as I attempted to do something I couldn’t do a few months ago.

unnamedMy personal assessment:
I’ve lost almost ALL of my flexibility. I need to get that back.
I haven’t really stretched in a long time, and I need to do more of that.
Yoga might make me a little less on-edge than I currently am with my job and trying to settle.
I need to not do yoga with socks on.
I need to learn how to breathe again. I was breathing very shallow today.

The good news is that I have this excellent room to do yoga in. And even with a train going by every 3 minutes or so, it’s nice and relaxing and has the perfect lighting. Oh, and it smells of tatami mats. I should really get some of the shrine incense in here, too, because I love that smell as well. Will look into that.

Regarding the video:
The sound quality was fine. I think I’m going to prefer voiceover.
The practice itself was good for beginners. Not stressful, no hard poses.
Sean’s voice is nice and smooth, and not in an annoying accent (something that bothers me more often, now that I’ve been teaching ESL for so long)
30 minutes is the right amount of time for a beginner.

I’m going to have to find an optimal place to put my laptop to do these routines. I don’t like having to turn my head to watch the screen so much, and in a yoga class, you have the benefit of watching whoever is next to you. I can’t do that with a screen and am going to have to overcome this in order to be able to REALLY relax while doing yoga. Then again, once I get into longer sessions, I think I won’t have to look so often. I might also repeat videos when I find ones I like, and then I don’t have to look at all once I’m used to them.

Looking at my work schedule, it looks like I will only be able to do yoga on the weekdays when I’m not up early (I work on Saturday and Sunday from 10am), but to do it 3x a week in the mornings seems doable. I guess I’ll have to start finding MORE videos, since at the moment I only have about 15 or so normal length ones.

Day 1 completed!


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