This morning, I did NOT wake up and do yoga as planned, although I was technically up early enough. The reason? I had to make lunches for the next week of work, because I didn’t do it last night, when I was off.

I had meant to wake up and start doing yoga, but had something more important to do. The reason I felt such a huge urge to cook this morning is because I KNOW that I’ve got time to (go out and buy something to) eat during my 40-minute work break, but that my boyfriend, who works on the 20th floor of his building, doesn’t have time to run down to the main level to buy something, if I don’t send him with food. This might seem like mothering or babying him, but I like to think of it as ‘forcing him to eat’, because I KNOW he’s totally fine NOT eating for 10+ hours, but I don’t want him to do that just because of time constraints. We have a 10-hour workday. With one break. Japan!

unnamed-1So I cook vegetarian food for him that I know he’ll eat, thus ensuring that:
a – he can find something to eat in this city of ‘meat hidden in all the veggie food’
b – he will definitely eat it, if he has it. He loves my cooking.

It’s a little like bribery. ‘The way to a man’s heart’, right?

So I didn’t do yoga this morning for that reason. This means, however, that there’s enough food in the fridge for 3 days. Which means that I can do yoga tomorrow. And I will.

Until then, I’ll eat a fabulous lunch and think about which yoga video I’ll be doing when I wake up in the morning:)

Although I know that today should have been ‘Day 1’, I know my work schedule and also know that I’ve got enough time tomorrow morning to do it, definitely.

A big issue I’ve been having lately has been trying to find the time to fit in some kind of fitness. Before, we only had 1 day in a row off (Monday, Friday), so we wanted to make the most of those days by spending them together. Also, when you only have ONE day off, the thing you want to do most is just lay around and do nothing. Or, at least, that’s what I want to do.

I’d initially been trying to find a way to do workouts around my office, since I used to work longer days with a bigger break in the middle. But now I’ve got my schedule down to going in at noon and working until 10:40pm. So I have this long morning in which I can do things, once I pull myself out of bed. Which would be easier, if I had reason to actually get up before it was time to get ready.

So now I’m going to be planning things to do in the mornings that won’t require me to wash my hair afterward (that just takes too much time). Thankfully with fall on the way in, I won’t sweat nearly as much as I would in the warmer months. Good thing, too, since I work 5 days in a row with little chance for a hair-wash in that time.

We’ll start with yoga, and eventually add things on to that, like running or home workouts. We’ll see what I find!


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  1. countrykay says:

    I feel your pain… like my earlier post… 2 weeks & hopefully back hard to the grind!! Keep me posted on what you decide maybe we can pick a routine to both do together??

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