Well… we go from ‘I’m still Alive‘  to ‘Spring is Here… Maybe ?!?‘ to its into FALL and I’ve FALLen completely off the earth… Well not literally but to everyone it almost seems that way.

Life can be SOO completely busy… Especially with children.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE them to pieces couldn’t even begin to picture my life without them however with them comes this list that never ends.
DSC_7220 (2)Sammy & Jimmy are playing football this year (yes they are 5 & 8; please don’t tell me they are too young… I’ve heard it all trust me)  This has become a 4 sometimes 5 day a week process… cause if I’m not washing uniforms & febreezing pads we are off to the practices & games but, watching my 8 yr old take the field in his purple uniform & watching him ‘hold that line’ and ‘recover that fumble’…  I’m telling you.. makes a Mom’s heart swell with Midwestern pride. DSC_0337 Football is a right of passage in this part of the world & it’s so emotional, esp. as a parent.  I get emotional watching the Illini play & the NFL just on TV but when it’s my own little man out there in his pads & helmet I can’t help but be his own cheering section!! While this is all fun & exciting it’s left me worse for wear. I find myself dreading getting out of bed in the morning, almost feel like it’s me who’s been beaten up on the field instead of him.  Emotional stress, good or bad, can really wear on a person.  <– true story.  Don’t believe me, watch another 8-year-old body slam your 8-year-old on the line & the ref not call it…. watch your 8-year-old hold the line for his friend to score a touch down to almost tie the game… I’m zonked. Thankfully it’s only for couple months because the concession stand food is not ALL it’s cracked up to be… GOOD CHOICES is key!!

Then comes school… 3rd grade comes with 7 letter spelling words, ‘complete sentences’ & pre-algebra… I’m dying already.  I went to college & got a degree so I didn’t have to do this anymore. (Things they don’t tell you about parenting) Kindergarten & Pre-K are simple when you have little ones that listen.  Jimmy seems to be in trouble every couple of days… developmental delay will be the DEATH of me yet I hold my head high & carry on.

Cub-Scouts, 4-H, PTO, JFL, Food Pantry, Fundraising,  Legion Auxiliary, Community Board… Real Work?!… House Work?? … is there ever an end in sight?!

Probably not but I try to take life in stride. Remain calm & find people you can really rely on, learn to delegate & most importantly Organize!!

Organizing is the ONLY way I have sanity & most times my calendar is WAY more organized than my house, car or anything else right now.  I have to live each day/week as something to manage & survive right now.  I list off the week on a marker board in my kitchen, in colors so that we can see who does what & when.  I also carry a paper calendar with me and folder with all my ‘papers’ clipped together for various organizations.  The kids clothes are often laid out 5-6 days in advance & sports equipment, scout uniform, library books, book bags, lunch boxes & school shoes all have their place. It’s the only way to stay afloat when you are a mom with three very involved children.

So with everything pulling me in every direction who has time for ‘self’… honestly I feel often time I don’t. Especially with not being able to sleep at night, stress has a way of stealing that from me. I started out the school year doing really well walking/jogging after Daniel got on the bus in the afternoon.  I was doing really well till I started filling my afternoons with appointments and meetings so I didn’t have to have children underfoot.  Makes life easier, makes the mid-drift ‘bulge’ 😦

I have managed to jog about 30 mins a day on the treadmill about 2-3 times a week & if I can’t jog I’m trying to do wall sits, push-ups & stretching. I’m eating… I wouldn’t say exceptionally well because I’m on the run so much and dang that concession stand for having homemade cinnamon rolls!! If the Midwest does anything right.. it’s food… not just food but irresistible home-made food. (insert a sounds of anguish)   Good Choices I tell myself… make good choices… WATER, you need water & a pork chop, maybe some popcorn… by the time I’ve left the stand I have no money the kids are covered in sticky candy and I’m holding $10 worth of food going… I shouldn’t eat half of this!! LOL… sometimes, I avoid having cash or the concession stand all together just so I don’t have the worry of it. Last week (be proud) I packed 3 lunch boxes of snacks (some where healthy) for my kids so I could avoid the concession stand all together & I drank water!!  GO ME!! It really is the simplest of battles in life.

3 more weeks football season will be over, 3 more weeks will be Halloween, 3 more weeks Scenic Drive will be over… 3 more weeks PTO fundraiser will be over… 3 more weeks…. maybe, just maybe I can get back to a little ME 🙂

‘ME’ is important – I just had this talk with a teenager the other day, who spends his entire day trying to be as selfless as possible… but he’s struggling with knowing how important ‘Me’ is. I can’t stress that enough especially as a Mom, ‘ME’ is so completely important. If you don’t take care of ‘Me’ you can’t be as ‘selfless’ & ‘helpful’ as you need or want to be.  Just like when you fly and the oxygen masks fall from above, if you are flying with a child they urge you to put your mask on first before you put on the child’s… why?! that seems absurd your child comes first… It’s true but if you don’t put your mask on first you might not be able to take that last breath to get your child’s mask on. You would be worthless to them if you don’t take care of you first.

In the 3 weeks to come I am going to work on ‘ME’, not as much as I’d like because ultimately I am a MOM & while it’s important I have little people in my life who need & rely on me.  I will however, make a gallant effort to work towards 3 days steady work-out & eating better… ‘squarer’ meals, instead of always grabbing whats handy… (I’ve been rocking the PB&J a lot)  I need to focus on more water & being better about taking my supplements. I have no idea why this is something I struggle with so much, I need to get back to a fitness routine.

In NOV. when things will start slowing down, my husband will be home more because harvest will be close to being done. (being a farmer’s widow is very hard esp. during football season) & I can relax more start getting back in the saddle.

Look forward to hearing more from me in the coming months 🙂

P.S.  While all this craziness is going on I donated again little over 12″ to The Childhood Leukemia Foundation.  I will be posting about this soon.


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