DSC_2404 Spring has come and gone for the past few weeks, we have several days of nice weather and then snow again. March is really coming in like a lion… prayerfully it will go out like a lamb because really I’m over the cold, I’m ready for spring.

On the few days it has been nice I’ve moved toward walking outside. Since we have moved I need to map out some distances from my new house.  Something that is on my long list of things to do.  So I’ve walked a couple of times outside but I started a really simple indoor routine, it’s not much but it’s just a little something every day. I started the first few days with 50 crunches, 10 real sit ups and 10 push ups and a 10 sec plank. Along with this I also like to do stretching and some yoga moves nothing spectacular just movement to get me jump started for the day.

It’s now week two and while the weather has YET to cooperate we did finally move my treadmill to the new house, I am VERY excited about this!! I’ve started walking & mildly jogging every other day to every couple of days when my schedule permits.  Life with 3 little ones seems to run me ragged some days and it is hard for me to say ‘I just can’t do it today’ but if it means I will try harder to exercise the next day than I do and will. I still like to do the small sit ups, plank and push ups regardless of time,  it’s something I’ve started doing everyday as just part of my normal routine. I’m actually really enjoying that.

I’ve worked up to 75 crunches, 20 sometimes 30 sit ups and I do regular and side sit ups when I do these and I’m up to a 30 sec. plank. I know doesn’t seem like much considering all I have done in the past but hey, isn’t something better than nothing??

Don’t let me fool you, that I’m just focusing on the physical and not the rest0311142039a of what I enjoy for ‘me’. I did get my vanity set up which is awesome. I’m also reading and so far in 2014 I’ve already read 5 books… I’m sure that will dwindle substantially when planting season gets here and I’m working in the garden but so far I’m doing really good. I have been working steadily on putting our new house together and scrap booking unfortunately has come to a halt.  My office is mostly still in boxes, we just moved the majority of the furniture over this past weekend so, this week I will be reorganizing and putting away my office.  I’m actually really looking forward to moving forward with this.  So perhaps by next month this time my office will be back in order and I might be back to scrap booking a little.  We shall see.

My goals are simply to just to continue to watch my calorie intake, continue to take my vitamins (which I’ve been doing really well with), DRINK MORE WATER, continue walking/jogging & this kind of circuit I’m doing with sit ups and push ups and slowly increasing my amount as I go, continue to read, get my office put back together, then move towards the second kitchen and the storage room.

Everyday is a new lease on life & Everyday is a chance to make it better.


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