Sorry it seems we have all been MIA recently.  We have all had so much going on in our lives.  I had two very major things happen that all happened in the same week.

hospital1st I had surgery, a surgery that I should have had at age 3 but the doctor refused to do & I’ve suffered with (I will quote the doctor) “the largest tonsils I have EVER seen & I’ve been an ENT for over 20 years…”.  So thankfully I just had to have my tonsils out, ‘no big deal’ you say, ‘it’s not that bad’ you say… HA! it was next to awful. I’ve never been shot in the foot but I almost think it would hurt less. I couldn’t talk for almost 3 weeks which is next to impossible with three small children. For the record 8 year olds do NOT understand all CAPS, BOLD or UNDERLINE. (heavy sigh)
I do not like pudding, jello or yogurt I’d rather starve than eat these types of food.  It’s a texture thing I just can’t deal with them, eating pudding to me is like you eating a bowl of snot, I just can’t bring myself to do it. So the first three days after surgery I ate pudding… it was awful & I cried. I was probably the biggest baby ever and I’m not usually that way.  By day 7 I ate pizza… chewed a lot thought I was fine.. NOT! That proved to set back my healing by at least 2 weeks and felt like I started all over, which by the way I don’t handle setbacks well.  After 6 weeks I still wasn’t healed all the way and the doctor hadn’t released me to anything strenuous… BOO!!

In those 6 weeks I lost weight, significant weight, everything tasted funny because of the anesthesia and I didn’t want to eat even when I felt like I might be able to. It was heart breaking to me, I LOVE food and I hate losing weight like this. I’ve lost so much muscle mass, I can barely lift my 5 yr old anymore.  WHY?! Is muscle the first thing to go?! I say TOTAL design flaw with creation… just saying.

movdIn the days following my surgery, when I wasn’t able to lift or do anything, we moved… I’m not kidding, my house and 3 kids …moved… talk about reality check on what you shouldn’t be doing when the doctor tells you not to!!  Thankfully or ‘Unthankfully’ however you want to look at it the weather here in the Midwest has done nothing but LAUGH at me every time I get the energy to ‘move’ the rest of my stuff, mother nature dumps a foot of snow on the ground. Her and I are going to have it out one of these days, I’ve overly ready for spring. So we are ‘half moved’ – we have the important things.. you know beds, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, bible, computer, couch, tv, guns & ammo…LOL!! Eventually we will get the rest of the things moved but when Mother Nature stops being a PILL!

ILLINISo where does that leave me??  I’m feeling better, I’m still not 100% healed, the ENT told me it could take some time, I’m a little ‘old’ to be having this surgery and the ‘older’ you are the harder it is for your body to recover. (yes she said ‘old’ & yes I died a little inside) Yes I know people tell me that they were fine and I’m happy for you, I wasn’t and I’m still not.  My treadmill has not made the move, nor has my scrapbooking/craft room both I’m not happy about but like I said Mother Nature and I are going to have words.  I have been desperately watching my diet & taking my vitamins mostly because I know I’m still healing and while it may be easy to gain all that weight back instantly, it would be easy to gain that weight plus 10 or 20 lbs. I don’t want to do that, either. If I’m going to gain I’d rather gain muscle so I have been doing stretching & things that don’t get my heart rate too high.  I don’t have another follow up appointment for quite some time, the doctor basically said to give it a few more weeks and see how I felt.  I am hopeful in the coming weeks I can get back to some routine of exercise, whether it be walking, running or aerobics, something. I’m hungry for it more than I am food, truthfully.
Prayerfully I will be ‘back in the saddle’ very, very soon!


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  1. germanymarie says:

    We should talk about a healthy weight re-gain project… I’ll post my weight issues later!! I am so sorry you are still not feeling better, and so sorry I’ve been MIA from you, too!! :-/

  2. countrykay says:

    We should… what do you have in mind?? No apologies, we’ve all been MIA – life gets crazy but we will get there 😉

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