kid picThe biggest problem I face with coming indoors to exercise in the winter is Fever Blisters/Cold Sores.  I’ve been prone to them my entire life. Every year I had school pictures taken in elementary school, I had one, I hated it, as you can imagine the taunting children picking on me because my lip was the ONLY thing you could see, at least that’s how I felt anyway.

I have & carry the herpes simplex type 1 virus.  I should note this virus is not the same at the STD herpes but a simple type 1 string of this virus that affects mostly the face and lip area.  It occurs when the body becomes over heated from fever during sickness, exertion during exercise that raises the body temperature, long exposure to the sun, fatigue or mental/emotional stress that increases the blood pressure.  So! when exercising inside my body becomes warm and sweats and because I’m inside, the house is warm and I tend to stay warm. This raises my body temperature and I’m prone to getting fever blisters when this happens. I have similar issues in summer with being outside but I use Softlips lip balm and every tube I’ve ever bought comes with at least 15 SPF and it helps combat this issue.

If you have Never had one… GOD BLESS YOU! They are awful and they hurt and very contagious to anyone who might kiss you, drink after you, eat after you.  As soon as I feel one coming on all of the things that my mouth comes in contact with are off-limits to everyone, especially my kids. Which is hard when they are little and want to kiss their Mom and I have to tell them no or they want to share my drink and I have to tell them no. When they are little they don’t understand. Thankfully, over the years because of having the virus, there’s not much I do share with them, it’s been easier to make it the norm.  It also helps with sickness through the long winter months here in the midwest.

I used to just use Campho-Phenique  which is an over the counter gel that you place on the area and it is supposed to dry the area and take care of it, much the same as Herpacin L & Abreva.  Even then I would sometimes endure the long week of pain as my lip would swell and it created this large scabbed sore on my already full lip. Most times in school I would say I had gotten into a fight to avoid all the looks and questions about my lip. Last year I was talking with some friends who also get them and they urged me to try taking lysine. I had no idea what lysine even was & if it was SUCH a miracle worker WHY?! on earth had NO doctor EVER told me about it?!?

So.. I began my journey of research, I didn’t want to just put something in my body that I had no idea what it was.  My research showed that lysine is basically an essential amino acid that humans need and get from their every day diet. Studies show that we usually get enough of it from the natural things we eat on a regular basis like, meat, fish, nuts, dairy products & eggs.  However there are benefits to increasing your intake of it with a supplement, like you would by at the store; for example is that it fights fever blisters/cold sores. While studies suggest using a lysine cream for the blister you can also take them in pill form to do the very same.  Also during my research I was happy to find that it’s also an immune booster which is AWESOME because I have a terrible immune system & I have 3 little kids in public school which means I’m fighting everything that comes through the door. It goes on to say that it lowers anxiety because it increases serotonin levels and it also helps build or repair damaged muscles while promoting the health and integrity on the skin by promoting the production of collagen and tissue maintenance.  I was sold on the helps manage and prevent cold sores but with all the rest I’m OVERLY sold!
If you suffer with Fever blisters/cold sores during cold & flu season like I do, this may help you out a lot. In the last year I know I have suffered less with them as I would have usually because of taking the supplements. It hasn’t taken care of them completely but it sure has helped a lot. I’m not one to push or back products specifically but this has really helped me & I hope to pass the word like my friends did for me. Special thanks for my friends that pointed me in the direction of it, YOU ROCK!



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