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“There’s soy bean dust and corn husks driftin’ through the air tonight
The  marchin’ band’s warmin’ up under the football lights
There’s tractor-trailers  backed up down by the elevator
Train track grain car will roll in later
Get filled up and head on out in the world

There’s a thermos and a water jug  rollin’ around in the cab
A set of socket wrenches wrapped up in a greasy red rag
Ryan’s mother pulls in the field bringin’ us supper
We grab a bite  and make sure to hug her
Saddle back up and let the big wheels roll

At a quarter ’til 2 I kick off my boots in the laundry room
We’ll start it  all over tomorrow at noon
‘Til it’s all done, until we’re all done

It’s harvest time in this little town
Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down
Fill our diesel tank up, make another round
There’s a big red moon comin’ up in the sky
Combine’s cuttin’ in a staggered line
The only time  of year we miss the church bells chime
It’s harvest time”

-Luke Bryan “It’s Harvest Time”

Not sure how else to explain what happens to my life at this time of year.  This song pretty much sums it up, our lives revolve around the guys in the fields and their needs. They work till it’s done, from sun up to sun down and sometimes through the night.  It’s not an easy life by any means, for example my wonderful child or children rather decided to flush something down the toilet and it’s not been working correctly for days… what am I to do? Deal with it… do whatever I can to get by till he’s done in the fields. It’s a sacrifice most people will never undergo. It’s not as strict or as hard as the sacrifice for a serviceman (military, fireman, police, etc.) or their families but it’s sacrifice none the less.  We make due till the harvest comes in.


What exactly does that entail for me as a wife, mother or farmers wife?? Well it means some parts of life are put on hold.  Like getting up early to run outside put on hold because it’s still dark when he leaves and as much as I was fearless in years past I’m just worried that either a. I will hurt myself or b. I will run into a skunk in my travels & THAT! would be devastating.  It also means the children need more of my constant attention because they are missing their Dad so much so there’s more activities to balance out the time Dad isn’t home.  Which makes my ‘down time’ a lot less.  This is a hard time of year on all of us. Rick works all day in the fields and driving the semi hauling grain or beans and he puts in a lot of hours. He usually comes home tired and hungry & I usually get ‘what was for supper?’ & he eats, takes a shower and goes to bed. Occasionally he will watch a little tv to unwind and we might talk about things that have happened through the day with the kids but it’s never much. So life as I know it is put on hold.

I’m not going to lie in years past I’ve pushed through and managed to still get up and work out and do the things I’ve wanted to but this year for whatever reason I’m lacking a motivation to do much. I find myself busying myself in the kitchen as I’ve canned I couldn’t tell you how much this year!! If only there was some special exercise that you could burn tons of calories while standing in the kitchen at the stove, I’d be so fit it’d be unreal. LOL!!  I’ve decided I’ve become fat and lazy! Really I haven’t too much I’ve still been walking/jogging on occasion when I can get away but this time of year it’s far and few between, I’ve struggled with it. I’ve been trying to continue to make good eating choices and that hasn’t really changed.  I still mostly shy away from soda but I do drink it from time to time and I try to limit my snacky food to 100 calories & mostly I try to eat veggies or little fruit.   I’m still trying to eat every 2-4 hours and trying to make good choices about what to eat. So I’ve gained weight but not nearly the weight I could have had I made bad choices as far as food is concerned.

So whats new on the agenda?!  I need to find a good book to start reading… I have a few in mind but I will get back with you on that.  I haven’t scrapbooked in about a week and a half, I’ve been entertaining guests as I had many people come visit me from MD and IN in the last week and half.  Which has been an AWESOME distraction for the boys and me. I plan to scrapbook the rest of my November cards & get back to my 2010 book in the next few weeks!!

I’ve been canning like a crazy woman things like Apple Butter, Apple Jelly, Apple Sauce, Pickled Apples, Tomato Juice, Spaghetti Sauce & Salsa. (If anyone would like my recipes please make note and  I will pass them along.) I am now DONE canning for the year, I even gave the last bit of my apple jelly juice to my Mom because I’m that over it & am glad to be done. My bestie and I canned apple sauce for 17 hours straight one day/night/morning… it was a LONG time and I was glad to be done with it but the kids will enjoy the 55 pints of apple sauce that we will have through the winter months.  Since that is done it will free up some of my time to scrapbook and read. However, you have to can while you have the ingredients and often times your ‘fun’ things wait. Which makes for a more tired, less motivated Mom but I’m learning.


As far as exercising goes… I’m excited (and mildly sad) to announce my youngest son is now in pre-K half day!! That means for 3 hours in the afternoon.. I am… (drum roll please) KID FREE!! The frist day I had made plans to work out and go for a jog however it rained and my husband was home from the fields for a time and he decided his idea of exercise would be a LONG walk through the ‘country side’… which was a decent work-out IDSC_1884 (2) won’t lie as I was high-stepping through the tall weeds and walking through the tall grass and over/under logs and climbing up and down.  My only issue was being covered in beggars lice when we got back.  That stuff is of the devil! It’s impossible to get off your clothes. I spent an hour just trying to clean those little burrs out of my clothes, ugh! That was Tuesday, now Wednesday the sun was shining and I had 3 hours to myself… YAY!! I’ve decided I need motivation and nothing motivated me like Body Rock in the past SO! I find myself going back to it… I started a May 30 day challenge it’s from last year on their site but I figured ehh… I’d try it & then I’d go for a 2 mile walk/jog. Wednesday, Week 1 Day 1.. it’s Saturday morning and I’m honestly still licking my wounds..!!  Thursday I had company and didn’t work out and Friday I worked so I didn’t work out, today is Saturday and I have to work for a few hours this afternoon but I plan to Body Rock my tail off!! I can take my Thursday-Friday as my two days of rest and get back at this like a tough woman.  I still plan to walk/jog every other day or so and I’d like to do my aerobic dance on my days I don’t jog. We shall see how that goes.  As for eating… I’m still doing pretty good with that & I’m proud of myself for constantly being conscious of it.

So I will check back after I get the first week of body rock down and see how I’m doing with it.




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  1. germanymarie says:

    yay and happy fall! I hope the BR trial goes well but I know it will ❤ I am DYING for some apple butter, it seems like the US is the only place that has it!

  2. countrykay says:

    I will just say this BR is killing me… I don’t know if it’s just b/c I’m pushing myself more b/c I know what I capapble of or what but I could barely put the crayons on the shelf during Sunday School this morning LOL!! Keeping with it… NO PAIN, NO GAIN!! xoxo

  3. germanymarie says:

    Yeah, BR will do that for the first few weeks! Stick in there and it gets better, I promise!

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