Happy October, readers! I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting back into fall and school and whatever else comes around, like pumpkin-flavored everything. I’m happy to report that England, unlike Germany, understands the importance of pumpkin puree and this year will be the first year I make a pumpkin pie from canned ingredients! I know this should technically be a step down, but I really don’t enjoy the work involved with murdering pumpkins…

As you might recall, I’ve been pretty much out of commission and hating life for the past 2 months. Not really hating life, but hating being grounded as an adult and unable to do anything I normally would! To recap, I haven’t had a relapse, just a non-relapse that was acting like one. For just over two months I’ve been unable to walk up or down stairs without almost falling/losing my balance, unable to walk more than a mile, my signatures look terrible although I’m glad to be able to hold a pen, majorly shaky just about all day, and not as adept at opening jars. So, in short, weakness and lack of balance have been the main issues.

not a recent photo, but describes the current state!

So since the Aug 8 post, I’ve effectively done nothing. There were two possible approaches I could have taken: one was to lay around and do nothing, and hope it all passed and got better on its own. This is a proven technique that normally has no choice but to work. The other option was to push myself out of my comfort and handicapped zone just a little, and just do something, as a form of physical therapy. This has also proven useful, but I was wary of this one in the warmer weather that might have pushed me into an actual relapse. I opted for choice one and hoped that if I just rested and took it easy, I’d come out of the issues.

Two months later, no dice. At this point I’ve done as much as I could from the comfort of sitting on my ass: I finished my ENTIRE 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course and got certified. I got a job in Japan after a ton of applications. I  did all of the online work that needed to be done to our wonderful website. Edited photo series and applied to stock photography sites with them. I’ve watched a LOT of movies and caught up on all of the TV series that needed catching up (there are MANY). Made important life decisions. Answered all the emails, wrote all the blogs. Seriously, there isn’t a lot left to do and at this point there is nothing to do but get up and out of bed.

And that’s the plan. A new fitness trial, kind of the same as the last one: get GM back to functional. But as I have issues even standing, I’m not sure burpees and jumping jacks are going to be helpful for me. Not to mention, I need something different for a change! So my last trial won’t be used.

While I was working on the TEFL cert, I wanted to do a lot of things. Like read books, listen to music, learn Japanese, stretch. Do yoga. But I didn’t dare do anything that would distract me from the cert (which came with a deadline if I didn’t want to pay any more for it) and so I decided I would ONLY attempt that stuff AFTER the cert. Which is now complete.

With all of that in mind, there is really only one route to take: light cardio and strength/balance building: yoga. I’ve been missing yoga and it’ll be good for me to use it as physical therapy. So with that considered, the new trial will be a daily walk until I am able to run again, and daily yoga. As I can’t stand up straight on my own, I’m lowering my standards and opting for beginner yoga routines that are 30 minutes long. If 30 minutes isn’t enough, I’ll up the time. But for now I’m going slow.

Slower than I’m used to, slower than I can even stand. I set ridiculously high standards for myself and normally live up to them, but I’m not going to allow myself to get as frustrated with myself and my current condition as I have in the past two months. In order to not get frustrated, I have to lower my own expectations of what I’m capable of. I’m not happy about it, but I have to get out of this and get back to better before I go to Japan.

I’m running on a limited medication supply, low energy and low funds. I need to get my health back before I can get everything else back!

For this new challenge, I’ve created a new board on Pintrest: the Yoga Routines board. On it we’ll be pinning online yoga routines we’ve tried and like. This way, we can spread the love and help others do workouts at home. It’s empty now, but it’ll fill up quickly, I’m sure!

If you have a routine you want to share, let us know in the comments, we’d love to see what you’re using! I’ll be tracking my trial as often as possible, but it might get to the point of just saying I did the routines and if anything feels different or better. I guess we’ll see how it goes. The goal is to be back to something like normal before I get on a plane and move to Japan. Let’s see if I can make that happen!


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