During the weekdays I am on my best behavior: working out, watching what I eat, logging everything and staying well within bounds. I track my food intake using myfitnesspal.com. On the weekends however, that has been a different story… I’d often be indulgent and wouldn’t log a single calorie. I figured I would just make up for my weekend indulgences during the week with some extra work outs and a strict diet, but it turned out that some weeks, no matter how good I was, the weekend weight stayed and I even gained some!

Honestly, when it comes to alcohol and take out, I am weak. Especially if you offer me take out while I am drinking (Chicago Polish/Irish girl, it’s in my DNA). It’s also hard to behave with a tall, slender husband whose job includes walking and light activity all day, who has a much larger appetite and calorie intake than mine, but when he offers to treat me to take out, how can I resist!?! Also, when indulging I tend to skip logging my food intake. I think, “what’s the point?”.

After weeks of disappointment, especially during the holidays, I came to the realization that my weekday good behavior was being overcome and defeated by my “weakness-ends” and showing little to no results, even back tracking on my goals. I knew. Something had to change, but I was not willing to go cold turkey on booze, so it had to be baby steps. I needed to at least face the truth of how much I was eating and drinking.

image-1I figured at the very least, I should log my intake to the best of my abilities (brunches and buffets are tough!) and try to be honest with myself.  Just see and learn how much I take in when indulging (knowledge is power). So I did, I logged everything, and I realized that logging when I indulged modified my behavior: instead of a full-blown disregard for my diet, I was indulgent, but not extreme or back tracking my progress. When I didn’t log, I knew subconsciously that I was WAY over the limits and denying I was out of control.

So now when I over-indulge, instead of mozzarella sticks AND buffalo wings, I choose one and log it.  Also, I still love delivery, but instead of ordering extra to make the minimum order total, I suggest picking up food on my way home from work. Pick up a sandwich for me and whatever my hubby wants, plus it’s cheaper too. Not always perfect, but I am making progress and moving forward towards my weight goal!


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