A friend of mine posted something kind of nasty on facebook the other day, and I feel the need to talk about it. I think it’s important to discuss these other parts of fitness, as we so often focus only on results, measurements, times, etc.

My friend, who shall remain nameless, was effectively fat-shaming strangers.

sDSC_5525I spend a lot of my time dealing and communicating with HIGHLY active people, who are all communicating with each other, and therefore always kind of one-upping (or trying to at least) each other. I stay out of these talks and for the most part, (sorry guys) it’s a bit of a man-thing. Kind of like ‘I am more hardcore than you’ or ‘look at how much I do every day’ posts that always show up on my news feed. I’ve unsubscribed and blocked most of these updates, but once in a while someone slips through.

This is what I read: “P90X before {fitness} class, BECAUSE I CAN. Also, am I a hater for getting such a laugh from how obese the camera crew is? They’re filming these people working out and think ‘I need a donut’

I really have to ask this question: Who are ANY of us to judge perfect strangers? I will admit that while a lady’s clothes might tell me a lot about her personality, a person’s weight can tell me next to nothing about their general health.

I commented immediately and let him know that, while I get paid to edit photos of models all day, it doesn’t mean I have or want to be a model, or that it’s required of me to look anything like the people I’m editing. I’m getting paid to de-grease faces and erase smile lines and whiten teeth, not be a damn model. I said that most of the time, we’re there as experts at what we do and that’s what we do.

Fat-shaming is NEVER ok. And quite honestly, the only person whose appearance should concern any of us is our own, except for maybe the person we like to sleep with. Even that’s negotiable, as long as we’re having fun.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that what works for me CLEARLY doesn’t work for Kamay (we actually run outdoors during opposite seasons, for starters!), or Michelle, or even Steph, who I happen to share genes with. And everyone’s road to health, fitness and happiness is far different. If we’re on the path to health and fitness, we should be satisfied with that and proud of ourselves. But that doesn’t give ANY of us the right to judge people we don’t know based on our set of beliefs or guidelines.

The progress each of us makes is our own. We should all do ourselves the favor (and everyone else) of staying focused on our own goals, and not judge our lives against what we see of others’. Whether that is the ‘best of’ that we get on our news feeds or the people we see in P90X videos, we can’t really concern ourselves with how long it took anyone to get anywhere, or where they are, in fact, going.

I have ridiculously high standards for myself. If I actually held others to those standards, I would have ZERO friends. Just a thought. Never compete or compare against anyone but yourself!


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  1. “Fat-shaming is NEVER ok. And quite honestly, the only person whose appearance should concern any of us is our own, except for maybe the person we like to sleep with. Even that’s negotiable, as long as we’re having fun.”

    This paragraph just made my morning. Thank you. 🙂 None of us should ever feel like we are any better than anyone else, or in any position to judge. We are all on our own journey!

    • Michelle S. says:

      I could not agree more. And to add to that, I think we could all be a little nicer and more forgiving to ourselves.

      • YES definitely! I like that thing I see online sometimes that asks if you’d put up with someone else talking to you the way you talk to yourself sometimes. Or if you’d talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself. No bueno.

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